Monday, June 23, 2014

Stack Birchbox Codes for a TRULY Free birchbox AND $10 to spend in the shop!

Hey All,

 Another good deal to share! You can use Ibotta (Which is an app for your cell phone for cash back) to get a $10 rebate for cash back if you sign up for birchbox! You can also stack the BBJETBLUE code on the birchbox website to get 100 points= $10 to spend in the birchbox shop!

So do this!

Download Ibotta from the google play store, app store, or online!

Once you set up an account go to the Health and Beauty Section!, then click on birchbox!
Choose the $10 rebate for signing up! (their is also a $5 rebate for gifting an account!)
Then do the two tasks. One is Take a poll, and one is learn a fact. Click on each and make sure to click done at the bottom.

(this is the part i struggled with, NOW WHAT) now click on the top where it says list in the right corner, from this you can view each thing and have them email the birchbox link. This is where you go sign up.

Once on the birchbox page at checkout (I only choose a month long subscription so I could only pay $10 now) enter the BBJETBLUE code and make sure it is applied.

Check out! You will instantly get the 100 points for the birchbox shop, and can spend them immediately. The ibotta rebate may take awhile to show up but once it does you can have it transferred to a bank account or paypal!

I love free stuff! Hope this helps!

** This post does contain referral links in which i may get some type of credit but all thoughts and opinions are my own***

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Popsugar $15 Off Coupon Code!

Heyyyy all! Another great popsugar coupon code!

Want to sign up for the Popsugar must Have Box?! A new Coupon Code for $15 off is XL25K3Z... Use this link and sign up now! I LOVE MY popsugar must have box! 


*this post does contain a referral link, in which I may receive discounted or free boxes, but all opinion are my own* 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Ahh~Another Popsugar Must Have Summer box is available! Its $100 and last years box was AWESOME! I highly recommend and it WILL sell out!!! 

Get it HERE

* this post does contain referral links in which I may get free products, however all views and opinions are my own*

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to get JULEP nail polish on the CHEAP! Julep Coupon Ideas, Julep Maven Thoughts, etc!

So... Julep nail polish. Its hit or miss, and if you have never heard about it well it can be scary. $14 for a polish? My OPI and ESSIE are way cheaper, and I can buy them at my local target, or TJ Maxx. So why spring for this expensive polish from Seattle?

 My suggestion? You can get a GREAT Deal on this overpriced polish two ways.

1. Sign up to be a Julep Maven, for $19.99 a month you get to choose between 4 boxes of nail polish and beauty products. Usually 3 polishes, or two polishes and a product. So this brings the cost down to just under $7 for a polish that's seasonal and on trend!


  •  You choose the polish colors from a set grouping
  • You can skip and not get one that month if you don't want too
  • You can sometimes ADD on or Upgrade (For a fee) and get all the colors you want
  • You get the nail polish cheaper, delivered to your door free of charge 
  • You can get the first box FREE with code FREEBOX just pay $4 shipping!
  • You can skip as often as you want! 
  •  You are legitimately testing the brand new nail polish. Sometimes it sucks
  • You choose from pre existing groupings of polish, which does NOT guarantee you will love each and every polish in the set. You may want one from one set, another from another, and a third polish from a third set. You cannot get those unless you add them on, or get more than one monthly box. This can be annoying as I always want the teal/blue/green/mint colors, but they always stick me with some bright/weird/unattractive to me colors so I skip often because if i only get 1 polish I like for $19.99 its not a DEAL! 
  • No coupon codes can be used after the initial FREEBOX
  • You are committing, and its anoying if you forget to skip or to cancel you need to call. 

2. GET MYSTERY BOXES- Julep has monthly (I think) mystery boxes. The most recent was a spring box that included a new color. You could choose from three boxes, a complete surprise, a blue speckled nail polish and mystery other items, or a purple mystery speckled polish and mystery other items. These are usually $24.99 although they used to be $19.99, and have occasionally had different sized boxes at different price points. 

  • You get a TON more product than a monthly box. For example I ordered two of those past mystery boxes and got Hand Scrub, Five polishes, A lip Gloss, AND Samples in One Box, and a Nail Mask, Lip gloss, Lip Primer, Four Polishes, and samples in the second box. The VALUE IS AMAZING 
  • You can almost always get stuff from recent boxes, and is a good way to stock up on polishes. This makes them only $4 per product if you get an average of 6 items and pay 25 for the box
  • YOU CAN USE COUPONS! Oh man I love this part. Those two boxes I got? I got one from $17 and one for $15 using a coupon code for 30% off and THEN one for $10 off. It was awesome! That brought my total down to $2.30 per item. The nail polishes retail for $14. The Lip Gloss was $18 but now is $4.99 but still half off from the mystery box. 
  • Its a great way to SEE how you feel about the julep polish, brand, etc. No commitments

  • Repeats, Repeats, Repeats. If you already get the monthly box...its just going to be more of the same. Sorry 
  • NO Choice. Except for maybe ONE color. If you don't want to gamble with your $25 (Or $15-$17 if you use a coupon) on only one color it may not be worth it. Which is FAIR. 
  • Older Outdated colors/products. This is the stuff no one else bought extras of. Sometimes its GREAT STUFF. Like my last two boxes. Other-times the colors suck. However this is why ebay exists (Or gifting to others who will enjoy it) ! ;-) 

I know I missed some pros and cons! Let me know what you think about JULEP! 

This was my take on the Julep Craze! Want to become a maven or just check out the site? Click HERE. I stronly encourage you to check out the SAVY DEALS Section.

**Mystyery Boxes are NO LONGER available but please follow me on instagram CRAZYABOUTSUIBS and I will try to highlight when you can buy them! Also if you sign up to be a Maven this post does contain affiliate links so I will receive Jules (the point system) that I can redeem for free things! However all thoughts and opinions are my own!***

Monday, April 7, 2014

Julep Mystery Box time AND $10 Off Promo Code!

Julep Mystery Boxes made me CRAZY when I first started getting sub boxes, and since I had none of the Julep colors they were a CHEAP way to stock up.

I also haven't been getting my julep lately...Its just for $20 for like three polishes or some beauty products that no one has reviewed yet... I'll pass and pick them up in a mystery box for cheaper later on! Unless i spot an amazing color...which is usually any shade of teal. :-) 

So this month they have two boxes with a specific nail color you KNOW you will receive, and one all out Mystery box! I always look at them and want them, but this month I found a CODE to make it worth it! The boxes are $24.99 and use code PERK30 for 30% off! This takes it from around $25 to about $17...much more affordable since ONE julep polish is usually like $14! OR use PERK10 to get $10 off and SNAG the box for $14.99

The boxes are below and click here for a link to order them!!

1. Emerson (The blue Creme) 
2. Kimberly 
3. All a Mystery

Also if you want to sign up for the REGULAR Maven boxes....or want to sign up for free shipping that Mavens get! Your first box is free with code FREEBOX  and you can sign up here

My suggestion is if you are NOT a Maven, and have not signed up yet. Sign up for the monthly Maven program, then order the mystery box with code and it will cost as much as the Mystery Box +Shipping OR the Mystery Box and Free Maven box (which you pay only shipping). Then just cancel your Maven box if you don't LOVE it for $19.99  a month! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Funday

And its Sunday again...the day for MOST which signifies the weekend is almost over, get those chores done! For me its the start of my workweek. 

Sub News/Coupons
1. HOLY SMOKES the Spoilers this week were off the chain. 
2. I ordered a SECOND popsugar must have, because for $20 how could I say no to a Too Faced Palette, Fun Soap, Dish Towels, etc! I hope everyone else who wanted this got one while it was CHEAP! 
3. Ipsy is meh this month. I don't know how much longer I want to keep ipsy around. Other things are getting me excited! 
4. I don't have a glossybox this month! My year long sub ended, and I am WAITING for spoilers to decide If I want to keep it. Right now its a Nailpolish which has not sold me yet. 
5. I am expecting a ton of boxes and packages this month. Lets list them popsugar (2) Birchbox (3) Ipsy Treatsie(1) Barkbox, Two orders from Sephora, a pinchME order, Two orders from Bareminerals (I used my free shipping code from Ipsy and the free eye shadow offer they had, with a free lip gloss offer! Great deal for like $4 check out and then use the ipsy code for free shipping) I feel like its more, but who knows! 

1. This week you can get 
2. I am falling in love with Ebay for all the "extra" stuff I have accumulated through boxes and wont/haven't used. I started selling things and even if i lose money because the item is worth more. A I get money that I didn't have and B someone else gets something They want. 
3. I am going to NJ this weekend for my sorority formal! SO EXCITED
4. Starbucks Iced Coffee is FREE AT WALGREENS THIS WEEK! Well its free after rewards, so if you get one for like $1 then you get a $1 off coupon for anything in the store. I will be doing this times like 5000 this week :-) 
5. I figured out a way to cheat the "starbucks star system" and get more rewards. :-) 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2014 IPSY Spoilers

Ipsy Spoiler Time

I love spoilers..... 

What is it about the start of a new month that gets me so excited? Well Its freaking spoilers. I work with college students, and everytime I talk about the "boxes" I get they are like, so its a grab bag? Yeah but...I always know whats coming because I look at spoilers. They always ask why I don't want to be surprised...and I tell them the spoilers are at LEAST half of the fun! 

On to the spoilers! Ipsy has already given us THREE awesome spoilers!

This looks like an URBAN DECAY 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner!

These are Caitlyn Cosmetics Lip Balms, Starlooks Lip Liner, and Marykay at play lipgloss

These look like City Color White Gold Highlighter, Elizabeth Mott Pop Goes the Eye shadow, and Rainbow Honey Nail Polish. 

Sweet Deal huh?! I am not sure how excited I am for this stuff. The nailpolish looks awesome, and I know people will go NUTS for the urban decay but those eyeliners are not my HG! 

IF you are not a member of ipsy yet and want to sign up, please feel free to use my link here! Its $10 a month and ALWAYS way over that value with full size and deluxe size samples. Normally we get between four and six items! (Normally five, sometimes four, ONE time I got six lol)

* this post does contain referral links in which I may get free products, however all views and opinions are my own*



 SO early in the month for Popsugar Must have spoilers and coupons!!
Spoiler Alert! This was released from Popsugar! Its a Too Faced Neutral Eyes Shadow Palette, with a $36 retail value!  (this spoiler was on the popsugar website)

AND We have a 50% off Coupon Code! THATS RIGHT 50% off, get a Popsugar Must have box for ONLY $20!!!
The code is Channel7 and you can sign up here!! Get this fast because sometimes these codes disappear!!
ALSO we have some additional spoilers and they include the following: (these are not from popsugar so they COULD be wrong, but with the palette included I think they are a win!)
Blueavocado Shopper Reusable BagToo Faced Natural Eyes PaletteFresh Pastry Stand Tea Towel SetGraphic Image Pocket NotesCaldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap
I ordered a second box. Sigh...... :-) 

UPDATE: The rumor is the code expires on the 4th. So USE IT If you want it! Full price of the box is $40, so that $20 code is amazing! Great Deal! 

*This post does contain referral links in which I may be compensated with free boxes, however all reviews, thoughts, opinions, etc are my own* 

Sunday, March 16, 2014


So you can try birchbox for basically FREE this month and next!!! If you sign up NOW for a new account and use the CODE BB100 you will get $10 points added to your account. This means you pay $10, and can spend $10 in the birchbox store! This is a GREAT deal and doesn't come around often! Also once you get your box, you can REVIEW all the items for points, and after 10 items (on average two months at 5 items per month) you get 10 points per item, and thats ANOTHER $10 to spend.

So basically sign up TODAY  (Pay $10)
Use code BB100. (Get $10 in Points)
Get March Box
Review March Items (Get $5 in points)
Get April Box (Pay $10)
Review April Items( Get $5 in points)
Spend $20 in points in Birchbox STORE! Buy something with FREE shipping to get it shipped Free!

So for $20 get two months of GREAT Samples (Valued at well over $10 most months and SOMETIMES even full size items) AND $20 to spend in the birchbox store (And you can use stack able codes on prestige makeup brands that retailers like Ulta and Sephora exclude from coupons, so if you want to cancel and wait for a great code I will find one in the next few months and share)

Great Deal! I just did it! :-) ( This is my THIRD Birchbox subscription..sigh I'm NUTS!)

*Post does contain referral links, in which I may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Sunday Funday! I'm BACK!

I missed this outlet! I cannot believe it has been MONTHS Since my last post! I am going to start fresh. STARTING with Sunday Funday! This will be a weekly post just listing random fun things going on I want to share, so here goes!

Beauty/Box/Coupon Related
1. Ulta is having the 21 days of beauty event. This includes CRAZY amounts of deals!
2. Someone used my BIRCHBOX referral link. A stranger. This is the FIRST time ever, its amazing. I love whoever she is! Also birchbox is having a KILLER deal, if you sign up now on a month to month basis you can get 100 points using the code BB100 which is basically like saying Try birchbox this month, get 100 points which is $10 to spend in the shop, then review the products this month, AND next month for another $10 to spend. And come mid April, spend that $20 on WHATEVER you want in the shop! So its truly two free months! and you can use my link if you want! ;-)
3. I ordered my first box from Quarterly Co. The Nina Garcia one..we shall see if its worth the $100 I dropped!
4. I am getting people (My students) into subscription boxes! Already like four of them have ipsy. LOVE it. Haha :-) Addicted!
5. Glossybox looks good this month, but its my LAST month and I honestly don't think I am going to stay with it. I just have SO much stuff... that I cannot possibly use!
6. Ebay is my new friend. The past year of BOXES are taking over my life, i need to cleanse some of the unused stuff!
7. I am going to do a Year in Review of boxes. I started in January of 2013 so Its been about a year since I went NUTS (Feb and March started my CRAZYNESS) I think people would like to see what a year of BB , Ipsy, Glossybox, Popsugar, etc gets you. I will break down cost, etc. My favorites and least favorites all in one post *per box*.  :-)

Life Related.
 You ever have a dream...and wake up from it in the middle of a good part? And try SO hard to go back to sleep, but you can't? This happened this morning to me. Then my dog shit on the floor and I had to clean it, then 10 minutes late my sisters dog pooped inside too....I cleaned it. Then I headed to work, and stopped for coffee and had to wait 10 minutes while they forgot about me... Then later on chipotle ran out of Burritos! WHY DID I WAKE UP!? Lol. One of those days! :-) Still trying to smile but... hahah

I am debating a trip home to a sorority formal. I was going to go last year but couldn't because of other family obligations that came up. Its in NJ, but I can get a free plane ride with points. (If you don't have a points credit card, GET ONE! Its free stuff if you can control yourself and only spend what you make and have)

I cleaned out my closet this past week and have So much stuff to donate. Where should I do it...we have goodwill, salvation army, and random drop boxes all around here. I just don't know the best place to actually give it too? Lots of random Tshirts, and some dress shirts that no longer fit.

And so that's my Sunday Funday!