Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hey Everyone! My Name is Kellie, and I recently started getting subscription boxes! I wanted to share my experiences because I found some AWESOME Blogs about subscription boxes and it just seemed like so much fun!

 I am a born and raised Jersey girl living and working in the south with my amazing boyfriend (who thinks the amount of mail i get is CRAZY), my wonderful cat Nala, and our adorable new puppy Medic. You are sure to see photos of them all eventually!

A few Notes/Thoughts

-I apologize NOW for any and all spelling errors. I have a math brain, not a spelling one.

-I hope everything enjoys these reviews and seeing things from my point of view, I am SORRY if anything I say offends or upsets anyone, but these are my thoughts and feelings, and I am not out to offend, or get any boxes, or brands!


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