Sunday, March 16, 2014


So you can try birchbox for basically FREE this month and next!!! If you sign up NOW for a new account and use the CODE BB100 you will get $10 points added to your account. This means you pay $10, and can spend $10 in the birchbox store! This is a GREAT deal and doesn't come around often! Also once you get your box, you can REVIEW all the items for points, and after 10 items (on average two months at 5 items per month) you get 10 points per item, and thats ANOTHER $10 to spend.

So basically sign up TODAY  (Pay $10)
Use code BB100. (Get $10 in Points)
Get March Box
Review March Items (Get $5 in points)
Get April Box (Pay $10)
Review April Items( Get $5 in points)
Spend $20 in points in Birchbox STORE! Buy something with FREE shipping to get it shipped Free!

So for $20 get two months of GREAT Samples (Valued at well over $10 most months and SOMETIMES even full size items) AND $20 to spend in the birchbox store (And you can use stack able codes on prestige makeup brands that retailers like Ulta and Sephora exclude from coupons, so if you want to cancel and wait for a great code I will find one in the next few months and share)

Great Deal! I just did it! :-) ( This is my THIRD Birchbox subscription..sigh I'm NUTS!)

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Sunday Funday! I'm BACK!

I missed this outlet! I cannot believe it has been MONTHS Since my last post! I am going to start fresh. STARTING with Sunday Funday! This will be a weekly post just listing random fun things going on I want to share, so here goes!

Beauty/Box/Coupon Related
1. Ulta is having the 21 days of beauty event. This includes CRAZY amounts of deals!
2. Someone used my BIRCHBOX referral link. A stranger. This is the FIRST time ever, its amazing. I love whoever she is! Also birchbox is having a KILLER deal, if you sign up now on a month to month basis you can get 100 points using the code BB100 which is basically like saying Try birchbox this month, get 100 points which is $10 to spend in the shop, then review the products this month, AND next month for another $10 to spend. And come mid April, spend that $20 on WHATEVER you want in the shop! So its truly two free months! and you can use my link if you want! ;-)
3. I ordered my first box from Quarterly Co. The Nina Garcia one..we shall see if its worth the $100 I dropped!
4. I am getting people (My students) into subscription boxes! Already like four of them have ipsy. LOVE it. Haha :-) Addicted!
5. Glossybox looks good this month, but its my LAST month and I honestly don't think I am going to stay with it. I just have SO much stuff... that I cannot possibly use!
6. Ebay is my new friend. The past year of BOXES are taking over my life, i need to cleanse some of the unused stuff!
7. I am going to do a Year in Review of boxes. I started in January of 2013 so Its been about a year since I went NUTS (Feb and March started my CRAZYNESS) I think people would like to see what a year of BB , Ipsy, Glossybox, Popsugar, etc gets you. I will break down cost, etc. My favorites and least favorites all in one post *per box*.  :-)

Life Related.
 You ever have a dream...and wake up from it in the middle of a good part? And try SO hard to go back to sleep, but you can't? This happened this morning to me. Then my dog shit on the floor and I had to clean it, then 10 minutes late my sisters dog pooped inside too....I cleaned it. Then I headed to work, and stopped for coffee and had to wait 10 minutes while they forgot about me... Then later on chipotle ran out of Burritos! WHY DID I WAKE UP!? Lol. One of those days! :-) Still trying to smile but... hahah

I am debating a trip home to a sorority formal. I was going to go last year but couldn't because of other family obligations that came up. Its in NJ, but I can get a free plane ride with points. (If you don't have a points credit card, GET ONE! Its free stuff if you can control yourself and only spend what you make and have)

I cleaned out my closet this past week and have So much stuff to donate. Where should I do it...we have goodwill, salvation army, and random drop boxes all around here. I just don't know the best place to actually give it too? Lots of random Tshirts, and some dress shirts that no longer fit.

And so that's my Sunday Funday!