Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts..

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts!!!

- Today was the LAST DAY OF WORK, before going home to NJ for my best friends bachelorette party and wedding! I am excited to spend a week at home doing wedding stuff...and I may pop into NYC to Chelsea Market for the birchox pop up store!

-I want a BAGEL, a slice of Pizza, and maybe a steak. Home is food, and besides my family and friends that's what i miss! and CORN! Omg I know people think of Jersey as being a shithole with fish pumping idoits and one big blacktop traffic clusterf*uck but Jersey corn is the BEST!

-I cut down my boxes and miss getting mail! WHAH! Also WHERE IS MY POPSUGAR?! Come on Popsugar, WTF I want my September popsugar box. The one I normally HAVE already....that hasnt even SHIPPED yet?! Come on! lets get it together! Glossybox gets to send later, and always be late! Not you! you are always SO good!

- The above comment makes me recognize I have a problem.

- I need somewhere to live. When we come back from the Wedding we need to sign a new lease like WOAH.

- Work has been hectic, like 11am to 11pm days all week. So basically, I worked so much my "vacation days" are really just me putting one weeks work load in another week. I am however really excited to see how my students do without me! It will be a reflection of me, and make me feel AWESOME if they do well! ;-)

-I know its now Thursdays thoughts on Friday...but I don't care! :-)

-Kellie :-)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

30 By 30

I just read a post by Casey at The Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure and I want to steal it! This blog is mine, and I love that I can read other blogs, learn something, love something, steal something (borrow?) and I loved her post 26 by 26! Its a bucket list of things to do!
Since my 26th birthday is just around the corner and I have been thinking about getting kind of old lately I wanted to start with these legit goals and I am going to do 30 by the time I am 30!  (I have four years, and 6 weeks for these!)

1. Apply to Grad School, one of the TOP Schools. Not just because- I took my GMAT, and my GRE and now I just need to APPLY, its the hardest Step
2.  Get a graduate Degree in something. (I know 1 is apply, but lets take some baby steps here!)
3. Move up in my career. Get a promotion, and don't be afraid to leave my company if I cannot move up in the next few years!
4. Go on a cruise with my family. This is something we talked about doing for years, and now need to do for my Dad. He wanted to go so badly, and I am very sad we never were able too. Hopefully in the next few years my mom and siblings and I can find the time to go together. Sometimes you have to make time for family because you never know when that time will end.
5. Become a Girl Scout Leader
6. Run or Walk an event for the American Heart Association
7.  Learn to eat healthy and take care of myself.
8. Spend time talking with a friend I don't speak with enough EVERY DAY.
9. Travel, Travel Everywhere, Travel Anywhere
10. Spend time in Las Vegas, even if its just a few nights
11. Go to Harry Potter World! (the dork is here! <3)
12. Go on an spontaneous Adventure somewhere FAR away.  Buy a groupon for Ireland, Book a last minute trip to the beach.
13. Visit a winery in 10 more states! (I am at 5? I want to do all fifty!)
14. Buy a House
15. Save $40K in my 401K
16. Adopt another puppy, even if I dont have permission to bring home another pet! ;-)
17. Move closer to my family, or convince them all to move to me. Be able to enjoy the little things with family.
18. Let my grandmother teach me to crochet, finally.
19. Make something from every pinterest board I created.
20. Spend a weekend at the beach in the winter and walk on the beach with Joe.
21.  Pay Off my Car Loan, Credit Card Debt.
22. Get a graduate assistant ship for grad school
23. Get Married, Have Babie(s)
24.  Visit Atlanta, Savannah, and Tennessee
25. Go on a girls only vacation.
26. Allow myself to fail, make mistakes, and learn from them.
27. Apply for reach jobs. Even if I don't get them.
28. See the ball drop in NYC. Just once.
29. Cultivate a relationship with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
30. Read 100 books in one year.

Sunday Social.... ;-)

I am linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social! (Two in a row! GO me! 

1. What is your favorite fall activity?
 Apple Picking. 100%. As a child we went every year as a family. My father would put us on his shoulders (until we got to big and then sometimes we rented one of the awkward apple pickers? Does everyone know what I am talking about? For the apples WAY up top?) and my mom packed EVERYTHING for a huge  feast, including things like caramel sauce, peanut butter and other delicious things to dip the apples into, or smear on the apples we were eating as we picked! One year we actually went apple picking SO late in the season because its a tradition that we couldn't miss on my birthday (November 1st) and the apples had frozen the night before and it was CRAZY. Last year I tried to take my boyfriend for the first time in Michigan and we went after some huge harvest or something and the apple farm was like year last week people bought ALL THE APPLES OFF THE TREES. Say WHAT?! It was awful. We are going EARLY this year, and bringing the peanut butter!

2. Do you follow a football team? If so, which one and why?
 I am a Patriots Fan by Love. My boyfriend is a die hard Pat's fan so I love them along with him. I also work at the University of South Carolina... so GO COCKS! ;-)

3. What is something fun about fall in your area? Living in NJ we always had the State Fair come in the summer, but in the South because its so hot in the summer (I think this is why at least) the Fair is a Fall October Event. I am so looking forward to the fair this year, we went last year and its exciting for me living in a new place long enough to do something again and turn it into a yearly tradition! 

4. What are your favorite fall staple outfits?
 Jeans, Sweaters, and Boots! I love wearing fun sweaters, I have some bright colored ones, they look so cute and professional without any effort! I cannot wait to use them (for that whole two months of cold, lol!) 

5. What things are his looking forward to most about this coming fall season? My best Friends Wedding! 

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition? 
  My Favorite Fall Holiday is Halloween! My birthday is the day after and its just always so much fun to see people dress up, and knowing my birthday is coming I LOVE IT! My favorite Tradition is Apple Picking. Its sad being away from home and not participating in the traditions. I also LOVE black Friday shopping. Even from afar I chat with my family all day long about where we are and how long the lines are! 

Next Weeks Questions:
1. What is the name if your blog?
2. What do you love most about blogging?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. What is something you’d want to tell someone just starting out in the blog world?
5. Biggest blogging learning experience you’ve had?
6. What are three blogs you love?

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Spoilers! Ipsy!

Oh Ipsy! You threw us for quite a loop this month! Below are the spoiler pics from the facebook page!

Spoiler #1 NYX Eyeshadow
The eyeshadow is coming in a TON of shades! 

Spoiler #2- Mascara! (again!)
The mascara is thought to be Its so Big Mascara.

Spoiler #3- You get THREE of this huge list of products!
This image has at least 12 and possibly more than 14 items! This will be a toss up of what you get. Some of the items thought to be here are Caitlyn Lip gloss, Repeats of Chella Pencil, and Pop Crayon, a felt Eyeliner, possible brown pencil, some John Freida Shampoo and Conditioner, and some Masks from Freeman!

Spoiler #4- THE BAG
The bag has a great Demask print on it! 

Want all this delivered to you for $10 a MONTH! Sign up Here! 

September Spoilers! Birchbox!

Another spoiler post! This Month Birchbox shared a spoiler video here! The video showed us a FEW spoilers!

The theme for the month is Heritage and 100 subscribers will be getting $100 to spend in the birchbox shop! SO hoping that i get a golden ticket! ;-)

Spoilers Include!

Everyone will be getting a Ruffian Nail Polish! They mentioned two collections (both are on the website) in the video, so I think we could get one from either collection.

Surge Normant Hair Spray!

Davines Sea Salt Spray

Mereadesso All in One Moisturizer

Yes To GrapeFruit CC Cream- 

Amika  Dry Shampoo- I am kind of over dry shampoos. I have greasy hair and should LOVE these, but just havent found one I love/that works well and I am sick of trying it, plus if my hair is gross I feel gross and just want a shower all day. 

Amika Blow Out Spray- Can someone please explain wtf a blow out is? Someone else blow drying your hair? 

All in all I am excited to get the nail polish and hope i get some other AWESOME goodies in my birchbox. I just love trying new things and being surprised! 

Yay for the 10th! Get here soon so I can see whats in my box! Want to get awesome products delivered to your door from birchbox? Sign up HERE

*Post does contain referral links, in which I may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

September Spoilers! Glossybox

Spoiler Time! While I impatiently wait for my popsugar box to arrive I spend my days looking at spoilers! This month we have quite a few to share starting with Glossybox!

 An email to subscribers told us that we would be receiving four full size items totaling $110 and one of the items is a Full Size Diamax Thickening treatment!
Email saying we get four FULL SIZE products which are worth $110

This is the first item! It seems to get mixed reviews but I am very interested in trying these! I am also interested to see what else is in the box because the other three FULL SIZE items value $ it will be very interesting to see what else is included! 

I will update more as I find it! Interested in getting glossybox? Sign up HERE

*Post does contain referral links, in which I may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The BEST of August!

I am going to countdown my top ten August things that I LOVED

1. I don't know if this counts for August but from Bzzagent i got the new Kashi Hummus Crisps and holy shit they are delicious. I do like hummus, and wasn't really sure what to expect. They are made from chick-peas but not hummus flavored if that makes sense. They are olive oil and sea salt flavored and YUM! Try them!
2. Violet Oasis Hand Lotion- This is a duplicate favorite i think. I got this in a birchbox awhile ago, and LOVED it enough to buy it...well use all my BB points i hoarded for MONTHS because it costs $35 for this ONE lotion. i got the full size and I just LOVE IT! It smells great and is fantastic.
3. Lorac Eye Shadow- Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag- This was busted when i got my bag from Hautelook....but even as a loose shadow it is amazing. I love bright blue and teal shades so this is perfect for me!

4. Laura Gellar Baked Blush- Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag- I have NEVER loved a blush, but this one is AMAZING. Its just so pretty on me, and its not to bright, I can use it (from someone who uses NO blush ever, this is important) and i was not expecting to like, or love it! So its a WIN! Get this!

5. Fruitables from Barkbox- I like that these are tiny and wetish. My dog is BIG but still a puppy and having smaller strongly scented treats are so good for her!

6. Cappuccino Crunch Truffle bar from Seattle's Chocolates- Treatsie. Oh Man, Foodgasm. If you like coffee, and chocolate this is the most delicious candy bar I have gotten from a box (this honor was previously held by the chocolate pretzel bar from a fancy box) but this was SO MUCH BETTER. I seriously go to buy more like ever other day. If anyone wants to send me birthday gifts in November these schoolmate bars would be wonderful! ;-)  Oh and did i forget to mention it came melted EVERYWHERE and the smell was so amazing i still ate it after trying to harden it again? I only got like half a bar and I'm still in LOVE.

7. Pacifica BB Cream- Ipsy. This stuff works wonders. I had it in my makeup bag from an old box and it coming in my ipsy this month reminded me of how awesome it works with my skin. I hear some people don't have positive things going on with it, It is one shade...which may turn people off. I will try anything and I think it works very well on my skin. it gives me a nice glow! (I can probably only use this in the summer when i am tanner. haha)

8. Whish Deodorant swipe birchbox- Ok so when i got this i was like WTF BIRCHBOX this Sucks! Then i tried it one day when i was all gross (sorry for the TMI) and it smells great, I think it worked well, and honestly its just smart and convenient.  It was a huge win for me!

9. May Designs- Weekly to do's- Popsugar Must Have- I just did a Popsugar Top Ten (with a coupon!) list as well. and i just LOVE this planner. Its cute, fun, and a good idea!

10.  Naturebox Apple Slices- Popsugar Must Have- These were also in the popsugar box this month and were yummy. So yummy!

Those were the BEST of August, and honestly I am not that impressed. Normally I go to make this list and think WOW and THIS and THIS and THAT! All great! however this month it was bit more of a struggle. COME ON SEPTEMBER! I hope you rock! ;-)

*Post does contain referral links, in which I may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Thursday Thoughts!

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday thoughts!

-Its been awhile since I have done this link up! Life has been so crazy..and I missed recapping exciting, and crazy things every week! I also was so excited that this blog got 3,000 views! I think its all spam bots...bahaha but if even a few people read (they do! I get comments and LOVE seeing them!) then I am happy just expressing myself anyway! Its like an Adult Diary other people get to read.

-I am going to ad coupon deals to my blog also. I LOVE a good deal. And Target. Target clearance is like my favorite thing ever, (if you follow on Instagram you can see my Target Clearance finds mixed in with the boxes i get!) Last week i found the summer fruit eos set of two on clearance for like $9. I was SO excited since they are like $4 each at CVS so...Four of them for 9 bucks is a steal!

- I am cutting back on boxes this month because I am SO ready for some saving, debt paying off, and my boyfriend is going NUTS with all the packages, I haven't been able to use everything anyway! This month I will be getting Ipsy, Popsugar, Birchbox, Glossybox, Goodies, and Treatsie! I also have a few bespoke post boxes pre paid for (I skipped this month only because I am moving and don't want the AWESOME coffee press to break! I also have a Keurig) I also have some credits on Hautelook,  Sephora, and Julep and might be cashing them in so i get more boxes! Haha

-I am going to do a Welcome to the Subscription Boxes Post I think, and rate MY favorite boxes, and chat a little about each one I have tried in one spot. I want to 'reminisce" about all my boxes, why i kept, stopped, or want to try the ones i know about!

-My FAVORITES from August (The Best of August) will be coming soon! I cannot believe it is September my BEST FRIEND GETS MARRIED in two weeks. Its unbelievable that its here, It feels like yesterday she was getting engaged, etc.

-I am doing a box swap, and nail polish swap and am super excited about them. I love getting packages (obviously) and cannot WAIT to my turn!

-The Challenge (MTV Reality Show) is on and OMG I WANT CT AND DIEM BACK TOGETHER ALREADY! UGH!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PopSugar- It is a MUST Have..My Top Ten and POPSUGAR COUPON CODES

Popsugar Must Have has become my FAVORITE Box, I never know what to expect. Its a surprise, and its NOT JUST MAKEUP. Its everything. Sometimes I love it, Sometimes my BOYFRIEND loves it. Its completely random... (they don't think so, but I do) and its the best $35 dollars i spend every month.

Popsugar must have is the PERFECT gift for pretty much anyone! Interested? Sign Up Here

Lets count down my TOP TEN Popsugar Loves     

                                         1. Sashi Braclet
 This was a huge miss for me and then I found a way to struggle to get it on my wrist (and now it DOESN'T come off) its cute, adorable really, and goes with EVERYTHING. Mine is not this vibrant blue but is more muted, and so cute!

2.Cookie Chips. OMFG amazing.
I stalk whole foods for these chips. I went in daily for a week for them to restock only to find they didnt have this flavor. Which is AWESOME. Please try these, and you are welcome in advance. 

3. Iced Tea 

I was MORE than skeptical. Then I ran out of milk, juice, AND soda and was left drinking water and feeling flavorless and to lazy to go buy some milk. So i was like ok why not lets make some tea. I then drank the entire pitcher, and made the second one. I have tried finding this EVERYWHERE, and want more so freaking bad. I only have one pouch left. Its hidden from myself. :-) 

4 Tassel Necklace.
 I haven't had much faith in popsugars choices sometimes. Until I use the products, and this necklace was that for me. Its weird. odd, but with the right outfit is super cute. I actually sold mine on ebay, found an outfit it would look AMAZING on, and found someone who would trade me for it. I needed it back that badly. I now LOVE it. You never know until you try something and well... They win. Popsugar knows best! 

5.Beauty Blender

they sent a beauty blender. Enough said

6. Weekly To Do's Planner 
So cute, adorable and came with a code to get $5 off your order! Love! 

7.Apple Chips from Nature Box
I was NOT excited about these (yet AGAIN) but OMG SO GOOD. I devoured the bag in minutes (ok like an hour...) and was just impressed. I will be ordering Nature Box in the future! JUST FOR THESE! 

8.Pacifica Lip Tint
Pacifica is my new favorite line of everything. I love the color this adds without being complicated (no mirror needed)

9.CorckaToo Corkscrew

 this came in my first box and I just found to be adorable, fun, and useful. Everyone needs a corkscrew, and a spare or two are good if you have one already! Its fun! I also LOVE wine :-) 

10. Summer Fun Box
My last favorite is the summer fun box. I loved my candle, my water bottle was AMAZING, and the Vitabath Exfoliator is running low and I am dying inside because of it. It was a FANTASTIC box (This was a one of a kind seasonal box and the price point was at $100 not $35. 

I had so many more favorites. The boxes are great! You get a surprise present, and are bound to LOVE SOMETHING. The things I don't adore? I ebay or save for a friend or family member, someone is BOUND to love it. For example that water bottle? My boyfriend STOLE it immediately. It keeps your beverage hot OR cold for up to 24 hours! Crazy right? 
Sign up now, September is ALREADY sold out! Don't miss out on October Too! Or start someones Birthday, or Christmas shopping EARLY and get them in on the fun! use the code 

OCT10 for $10 off a 3 month sub (This makes it only $85 for three months thats $28.33 a Box!
or Refer5 for $5 off a one month sub which makes one month only $30!