Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts..

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts!!!

- Today was the LAST DAY OF WORK, before going home to NJ for my best friends bachelorette party and wedding! I am excited to spend a week at home doing wedding stuff...and I may pop into NYC to Chelsea Market for the birchox pop up store!

-I want a BAGEL, a slice of Pizza, and maybe a steak. Home is food, and besides my family and friends that's what i miss! and CORN! Omg I know people think of Jersey as being a shithole with fish pumping idoits and one big blacktop traffic clusterf*uck but Jersey corn is the BEST!

-I cut down my boxes and miss getting mail! WHAH! Also WHERE IS MY POPSUGAR?! Come on Popsugar, WTF I want my September popsugar box. The one I normally HAVE already....that hasnt even SHIPPED yet?! Come on! lets get it together! Glossybox gets to send later, and always be late! Not you! you are always SO good!

- The above comment makes me recognize I have a problem.

- I need somewhere to live. When we come back from the Wedding we need to sign a new lease like WOAH.

- Work has been hectic, like 11am to 11pm days all week. So basically, I worked so much my "vacation days" are really just me putting one weeks work load in another week. I am however really excited to see how my students do without me! It will be a reflection of me, and make me feel AWESOME if they do well! ;-)

-I know its now Thursdays thoughts on Friday...but I don't care! :-)

-Kellie :-)


  1. PopSugar was (well is) so slow this month. Although now that I know what's in it, I can sleep at night.

    When is your lease up?? Where will you go?

    1. It is SO SLOW! My box is still in NJ. (Ironically so am I, but its going to me in South Carolina!) Our lease is up on October 23rd, and hopefully we move into a larger apartment so our puppy and cat have some more space, and so we can stretch out some more!! Or a house, who knows!