Saturday, September 7, 2013

30 By 30

I just read a post by Casey at The Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure and I want to steal it! This blog is mine, and I love that I can read other blogs, learn something, love something, steal something (borrow?) and I loved her post 26 by 26! Its a bucket list of things to do!
Since my 26th birthday is just around the corner and I have been thinking about getting kind of old lately I wanted to start with these legit goals and I am going to do 30 by the time I am 30!  (I have four years, and 6 weeks for these!)

1. Apply to Grad School, one of the TOP Schools. Not just because- I took my GMAT, and my GRE and now I just need to APPLY, its the hardest Step
2.  Get a graduate Degree in something. (I know 1 is apply, but lets take some baby steps here!)
3. Move up in my career. Get a promotion, and don't be afraid to leave my company if I cannot move up in the next few years!
4. Go on a cruise with my family. This is something we talked about doing for years, and now need to do for my Dad. He wanted to go so badly, and I am very sad we never were able too. Hopefully in the next few years my mom and siblings and I can find the time to go together. Sometimes you have to make time for family because you never know when that time will end.
5. Become a Girl Scout Leader
6. Run or Walk an event for the American Heart Association
7.  Learn to eat healthy and take care of myself.
8. Spend time talking with a friend I don't speak with enough EVERY DAY.
9. Travel, Travel Everywhere, Travel Anywhere
10. Spend time in Las Vegas, even if its just a few nights
11. Go to Harry Potter World! (the dork is here! <3)
12. Go on an spontaneous Adventure somewhere FAR away.  Buy a groupon for Ireland, Book a last minute trip to the beach.
13. Visit a winery in 10 more states! (I am at 5? I want to do all fifty!)
14. Buy a House
15. Save $40K in my 401K
16. Adopt another puppy, even if I dont have permission to bring home another pet! ;-)
17. Move closer to my family, or convince them all to move to me. Be able to enjoy the little things with family.
18. Let my grandmother teach me to crochet, finally.
19. Make something from every pinterest board I created.
20. Spend a weekend at the beach in the winter and walk on the beach with Joe.
21.  Pay Off my Car Loan, Credit Card Debt.
22. Get a graduate assistant ship for grad school
23. Get Married, Have Babie(s)
24.  Visit Atlanta, Savannah, and Tennessee
25. Go on a girls only vacation.
26. Allow myself to fail, make mistakes, and learn from them.
27. Apply for reach jobs. Even if I don't get them.
28. See the ball drop in NYC. Just once.
29. Cultivate a relationship with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
30. Read 100 books in one year.

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