Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PopSugar- It is a MUST Have..My Top Ten and POPSUGAR COUPON CODES

Popsugar Must Have has become my FAVORITE Box, I never know what to expect. Its a surprise, and its NOT JUST MAKEUP. Its everything. Sometimes I love it, Sometimes my BOYFRIEND loves it. Its completely random... (they don't think so, but I do) and its the best $35 dollars i spend every month.

Popsugar must have is the PERFECT gift for pretty much anyone! Interested? Sign Up Here

Lets count down my TOP TEN Popsugar Loves     

                                         1. Sashi Braclet
 This was a huge miss for me and then I found a way to struggle to get it on my wrist (and now it DOESN'T come off) its cute, adorable really, and goes with EVERYTHING. Mine is not this vibrant blue but is more muted, and so cute!

2.Cookie Chips. OMFG amazing.
I stalk whole foods for these chips. I went in daily for a week for them to restock only to find they didnt have this flavor. Which is AWESOME. Please try these, and you are welcome in advance. 

3. Iced Tea 

I was MORE than skeptical. Then I ran out of milk, juice, AND soda and was left drinking water and feeling flavorless and to lazy to go buy some milk. So i was like ok why not lets make some tea. I then drank the entire pitcher, and made the second one. I have tried finding this EVERYWHERE, and want more so freaking bad. I only have one pouch left. Its hidden from myself. :-) 

4 Tassel Necklace.
 I haven't had much faith in popsugars choices sometimes. Until I use the products, and this necklace was that for me. Its weird. odd, but with the right outfit is super cute. I actually sold mine on ebay, found an outfit it would look AMAZING on, and found someone who would trade me for it. I needed it back that badly. I now LOVE it. You never know until you try something and well... They win. Popsugar knows best! 

5.Beauty Blender

they sent a beauty blender. Enough said

6. Weekly To Do's Planner 
So cute, adorable and came with a code to get $5 off your order! Love! 

7.Apple Chips from Nature Box
I was NOT excited about these (yet AGAIN) but OMG SO GOOD. I devoured the bag in minutes (ok like an hour...) and was just impressed. I will be ordering Nature Box in the future! JUST FOR THESE! 

8.Pacifica Lip Tint
Pacifica is my new favorite line of everything. I love the color this adds without being complicated (no mirror needed)

9.CorckaToo Corkscrew

 this came in my first box and I just found to be adorable, fun, and useful. Everyone needs a corkscrew, and a spare or two are good if you have one already! Its fun! I also LOVE wine :-) 

10. Summer Fun Box
My last favorite is the summer fun box. I loved my candle, my water bottle was AMAZING, and the Vitabath Exfoliator is running low and I am dying inside because of it. It was a FANTASTIC box (This was a one of a kind seasonal box and the price point was at $100 not $35. 

I had so many more favorites. The boxes are great! You get a surprise present, and are bound to LOVE SOMETHING. The things I don't adore? I ebay or save for a friend or family member, someone is BOUND to love it. For example that water bottle? My boyfriend STOLE it immediately. It keeps your beverage hot OR cold for up to 24 hours! Crazy right? 
Sign up now, September is ALREADY sold out! Don't miss out on October Too! Or start someones Birthday, or Christmas shopping EARLY and get them in on the fun! use the code 

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