Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for another Thursday Thoughts!

1. I am going HOME Tommorow  I have been talking (and thinking) about this for weeks and I am SO excited it is finally here! I am driving from SC to NJ, and am looking forward to being in NJ and seeing family and friends. (not so much looking forward to the 12 hour drive though) 

2. I am STILL waiting on some things I bought/boxes this month and it makes me sad I may not get them today and have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to see whats inside! I am waiting on free earrings from the popsugar gorjana code, bespokepost, julep to fix my warehouse order (it came missing stuff, AND something was broken Quality Check Julep come on!) and of course glossybox 

3. I am SO afraid that my boyfriend is going to sit me down and yell at me if too many boxes come the week I am gone. He is going to freak if all those boxes above come, and say birchbox, ipsy, and popsugar somehow have their shit together super early? It could happen to me.. I swear he is going to freak out. He knows how bad it is, but he doesn't have any idea. lol. 

4. I am a trainer at work, and I train the new employees in my position. Only my company is wired in that I am located remotely so they send trainees to me to train on my site to prepare for their own! My second trainee of the year is leaving today, and I have no other trainees scheduled. This makes me sad because it is fun to have a buddy at work. However I am SO excited to going back to doing my job, and not watching someone else do it slower. My patience is wearing thin after two  trainees and six weeks of never being in the office alone :-/ 

5. I did some blog posts this week with MY OWN pictures like I have been saying! I need to find a good place for pictures, that shows color. I also probably shouldn't just use my phone. However I think my last camera purchase was like 4 years ago, and that my phone camera is just as good now. Oh technology! 

6. I CANNOT get the instagram video thing to let me take a video. I watch videos all the time. Other peoples cute babies make me want to have kids like NOW, but when I go to take a picture I have no option for video, EVEN If I take a video and then try to go back and use the choose photo option, my videos show up for like 5 seconds and then disappear because I am not supposed to add them to instagram! help?! Anyone else having this problem, or know what I am doing wrong?! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MaryKay "The Mary Kay Look" Influenster VoxBox Review!

I was really excited when I signed up for Influenster and then qualified for the Mary Kay VoxBOX! I was even more excited to get it in my mailbox today, with a half day at work!

 (I have no idea how the Influenster surveys work and how they choose people to get boxes, and just wanted to throw that out there) 

So I came home to this beauty! Full of great goodies! I did receive this free from Influenster and Mary Kay, but all of these thoughts, and opinions are my own (including the fact that EVERYONE should sign up for Influenster and buy some of this stuff from Mary Kay!)

This is the FREE box I was sent, I filled out some surveys and got this for free. I cannot get over that. Its amazing! 
This card was awesome at explaining what everything was, even though it was all full sized and in packaging with explanation  The box also came with a Marykay catalog, and i will be repurchasing some of these items even after using them once! 

Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara (I <3 Black) ($15)
I think it is SO cute the mascara's are called I <3 black and I <3 brown. I got black, which is good for me, I love black mascara and despite having like 10 of them, i opened this baby up and used it! I was a bit concerned because the brush is SO small, but it worked REALLY well and was not clumpy! I will use this again tomorrow, and share more thoughts later on! 

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10)
Gotta love me free brushes! Probably the nicest, most expensive and cleanest brush I own. (I didn't use it yet haha) 

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15)
This is SUPER interesting, because I have never used a lash primer! I am stoked about it though, and I am going to use it with both my mascara I use now, and the mary kay mascara from above to see if I notice a difference! 

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18)
This has the COOLEST package! I am going to try to explain it, I would post a video on instagram but i cannot figure that out for the life of me! Its like...a sliding tube and you click the top to release the middle tube (the part that has the lipstick) but it is still clicked in the larger tube, and piece slides around? Ugh its neat, and I am not explaining it well! Also its a pretty color! I can actually rock this to work!

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color-Violet Storm ($22)
I ADORE this, I had purple shadow on this morning, and my purple caitlyn eyeliner from the IPSY bag this month, so I was stoked i could just layer this on. It is so pretty, soft shimmery, creamy on my hand! Love it, really. Its some DAMN expensive eyeshadow at $22 bucks a pop, but I may be splurging on the Coastal Blue and Meadow Grass. There goes $40... you got my Mary Kay! 

The Swatches!
This does not do the eyshadow justice, its truly beautiful and I love it. The lipstick is adorable too! 

I LOVED this! It was $80 worth of products sent to me to review and I could not be happier. I am branching out to try the eyelash primer, and Its like a full face look! I remember doing a mary kay party once when i was younger and thinking it was SO expensive, but now that i splurge on other things i guess its not that bad. Ugh I am sucked in! 

I will update more once everything gets used a few more times!!! :-) Go sign up for influenster

*I did get these items for free, But the opinions above are my own*

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trying something new... Sunday Social!

Today I am going to link up with Ashley and Neely  for MY FIRST SUNDAY SOCIAL!

1. What is your favorite store to shop at?
              Target is five feet from my apartment (Well maybe 100 yards, its NOT far I can walk) and I probably go four times a week. More when i find a good deal. The Cashiers KNOW me, and that I use coupons. Its probably bad..... but i LOVE it. I also recently started loving JCpenny again! Its super affordable and they have some really cute stuff for work! 

2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
                   I love Coach which i suppose in the world of designer brands is super cheap, but I would buy every single thing they put out every single season. And use a new purse every day. :-) 

3. What is your must have closet staple?
   My little black dress. I actually have one that I bought for my sophomore dance and STILL have, and it looks great still. That dress has now taken me to dances, sorority formals, university formals, wedding showers, etc. Its great! I think it was less than $50 at TJ Maxx too. 
Cami's are also necessary. For under sweaters, wearing to bed, under shirts that are too low, etc. When I was in Detroit they were worn to work under the 3982349832 sweaters I own. Then my company moved me to South Carolina. It does not get cold here. No use for sweaters but those Cami's? STILL USEFUL!    :-) 

4. What is your favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
 I love pointy toe flats. I don't think thats a type but thats what I like. I have found REALLY cute ones at Victoria secret that were Colin Stewart that I loved...and my puppy chewed them. But they are just great for work, or to dress up jeans. I also have a tendency to fall in heels (Twice in one week in college, once down stairs, and once on a dinner cruise with my residents because I was an RA) This leads me to worry about heels. 

 I love these shoes, the mint green ones at the top?! So sad I didnt get them before they sold out of my size. :-( I did however buy the snakeskin ones and the black ones. :-) 

5. What is the best clothing deal you’ve ever gotten? (sale or amazing find)
 Ever. hurm... Every year for Christmas for the past like four years my younger sister (who is 21 now)  gets TONS of Victoria secret stuff, I have a VS credit card, and every time they send free coupons for undies, or free tank tops, or water bottles, she gets them all packaged up for Xmas. Normally this includes at least 10 pairs of free underwear. I calculated one year she ended up with $200 worth of stuff If I had paid full pice (which i hope no one ever does at VS because man they have some sales that make it EASY to score free things) 

6. What is a style you’d love to try?
Anything that involves wearing bigger jewelry  I stick to tiny pieces. A Locket from my parents, a cute silver necklace from the boyfriend, and a few others. I am always uncomfortable putting big pieces (like the popsugar necklace that grew on me) on any outfit because I am SO not sure if it looks good or not. Arm candy I can do, layer on those braclets...but necklaces I am so unsure. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bzzz....Agent!!!! Dr Scholls, Kroger Friend Chicken, Lean Cuisine, MORE Dr Scholls, AND SkinnyGirl Vodka!

Yum.... So BzzAgent is my FAVORITE thing ever. I wanted to post on here about signing up to try things for FREE! Bzzagent is the leading word of mouth marketing company. You sign up, and answer tons of surveys. They use these surveys and companies wishes to send out samples (Normally full size items or coupons to buy full size items or deeply discounted items) to review.
My BzzAgent Haul. Lots of goodies to share with you! 

Here are a few of my experiences with bzzagent lately and how i felt about the product! Keep in mind I AM GETTING these items for FREE through Bzzagent, so I do have to let you know that! I also will send anyone who is interested coupons from the bzzagent kits if you email me at let me know which coupon/coupons interest you and I will send it your way ASAP!

Dr Scholls Massaging Gel Insoles! I got an actual pair of insoles and coupons for $4 off! (These are great because target regularly does $5 gift card deals with the dr scholls, so if they are regularly priced at $9-$10 you can get them for $5-$6 with coupon, and if you buy two get a $5 gift card making them like $3-$4 each! totally worth it to try something new to ease back, or foot pain.
Now lets start off with this. My feet, and shoes get destroyed. I work with college kids and am running around yelling a them like they are kinder-gardeners sometimes. Its fun I love it, but I do get sick of wearing heels all day. These insoles CAN NOT HELP ME. They are designed for sneakers. I also have a dog. She is adorable, but if i try to wear anything OTHER than sneakers, I lose my shoes when she pulls me. These insoles went in my sneakers for her long walks (Part lab puppy, she needs LOTS of long walks) They didnt immediatly feel great, i mean they are cushion which is nice, but a bit bulky in the shoes. Other people have said to take the regular insole out, and just leave the Dr Scholls thing In But i am not sure if i am ok with that. Overall once I got used to it, they were nice, but I am not sure I was super excited. I personally woldnt buy this type of Dr Scholls again.

However my boyfriend then stole them, he works retail and he loves them. He used to come home and complain about his cheap work shoes, now he just whines about work. ;-)

 Dr Scholls for Her! This one was exciting! I can use it in my heels, and work flats! Super excited! I used this in a pair of flats I got from Victoria Secret, and LOVE and get worn a LOT. So i did feel a bit off balance at first, but over time It was a nice little cushion to have at 9pm! I would buy using the coupons, but, I don't know if i would buy them full price, I have WAY to many shoes to put them in all of them! I also got $4 off coupons for these!

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good. Ok warning here. I got one free meal. One. To try a Line of new meals. So what happens If I picked the bad one? These are NEW and difficult to find, which made this anoying. The coupons also look like they are meant to be used only at Kroger So I was trying to do that. It took two week before I could find them, and I grocery shop  a LOT. I tried the Roaster Red Pepper Chicken, and it was good. Not anything fabulous to write home about but for a good for you frozen boxed meal? Its good! I have coupons for $1.50 off these I think if you are interested!

Fried Chicken at Kroger:
Yum! This was an AWESOME Bzzcampaign! I got coupons for a Free 8 piece fried chicken, a free bottle of coke, and a free bag of Kroger potato chips. Urm yum!? That's an entire dinner, good job Kroger! I love you! I know I like coke, and chips and we had eaten the Kroger chicken before and its pretty good. So I was just excited to try it here, AND I am kind of putting it to the test because I come home late at night, so I would probably be picking up the older, not so fresh chicken which may impact my thoughts right? I have coupons for $2 off the chicken, AND a coke product. The chicken at my Kroger was like $6.99, and soda can be between $1.25 and $2.5 so its like getting soda free when you buy them! Again let me know if you want one! (

***So i went to try and get the chicken tonight, and it was like 7pm. So i walk up to the counter to ask the guy behind it, and his response when i ask about the 8 piece fried chicken is "We stop making chicken at 6pm" NOTHING Else was said. Horrible customer service Kroger! I will go back for it, but it was just... weird that he didn't say anything else and just walked away. No sign was posted, how was I supposed to know when they stop making it!?!

Skinny Girl Vodka.... you are calling my name! I am in the process of looking for this stuff. I checked Target, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, a random wine and liquor store. I finally went online and searched for them because them seem impossible to find! I KNOW I have seen them before. Its that whole phenomenon of when you don't need it its everywhere, and when you do its no where to be found. I will get me some liquor! With  $7 rebate on two this WILL cost me....but I don't mind. :-) I have some other $7 rebates (it is one per household) so if anyone wants one just shoot me an email!

Feel free to ask for multiple coupons! (Its still going to cost me one stamp, so i have no problems sending you out all of these!)

I think my favorite thing so far is the liquor but I haven't even had it! This is fun, getting all this stuff, but its work too!! ;-)

Target Beauty Box June 2013 Review!

So Target put out on the Target Style Facebook page that they would be doing a $5 beautybox. I think its sort of a test run to see if they can handle jumping into the sub box world! I say this because of verbiage used in the different emails sent out, including the survey and the coupon within the box...but I got mine! SO here is what was included!
The box came inside a sturdy white reusable box, covered in a sleeve that has the target logos on it and the logos are actually supposed to be like lipstick, powder blush, eyeliner. Its cute but i didn't notice it until I read about it on someone else's blog, and pulled that sleeve out of the trash to see what they were talking about. 

Fekkai Glossing Cream - this is the travel size, I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner but hate paying for it. its like $22 for a small bottle of the shampoo! Anyway this cream is much appreciated by me and it makes the box totally worth it!  5 stars ;-)

Venus and Olay Razor- this surprised me the most. i mean its a razor, and razors are not cheap but I opened it today and its very different than the razor i thought it was going to be like and i actually LOVED it. So 5 stars for this product too!
A pic of the razor. I didn't expect the floppy( and yes they are floppy) white things, which moisturize  but I love it! They are not stiff so its easier to use, and even though it is bigger and bulkier than my other razor, its really not! 

Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips- I got a cute color, black with sparkles, which makes me happy, these are also worth more than the cost of the box, but I wouldn't ever buy one time use nail strips for the same price i can get a bottle (and lots of manicures) of polish so I do like getting them in boxes.

Loreal BB Cream- Foil sample, will try because it is light/md but its the smallest sample in the box. an extra in my mind.

Effaclar duo- This stuff is pricey! the bottle costs like (1.35oz) $35 bucks! This small sample is 5ml but still a good size since its a acne treatment! Excited to try this when i break out since it has good reviews!

The box also had a survey (which i have not taken yet) and a $3 off $15 purchase coupon for target. I am about to use that coupon along with two shopkick coupons today!  (one for $2 off a sonia kashuik purchase of $6 or more, and one for $2 off Pixi  I am going to try and stay at the $15-$16 mark and be able to save $7, i may end up with some brushes or something, but I don't care! )

Overall the $5 box had a great value, fun stuff I will use. Nothing high end or crazy. However the shipping was awful. They mailed them to the billing address not the  shipping address (which they did ask for) which sucks cuz i had bought my mom one as like an extra mothers day box anddddd it never got there. It came to me instead. (she is in NJ and i am in SC). They also mailed them out later than expected but for the first time not toooo bad target.

i would sub if this $5 box continued to come from target, and I say that because i love some of the products target offers that are a bit pricier  They sell Yes too, and Pacifica, and Pixi, and hell I am a fan of Elf and that stuff is dirt cheap. so if that came in a box, I wouldn't be upset about a $5 box, as long as it is worth the $5, comes in a reasonable amount of time, and maybe goes to the right address?? I pay $5 for Starbucks on bad days, so I can afford $5 for some fun beauty stuff too!


Anyone else get the target box? What did you think? would you buy it again? Anyone NOT get it and wished they had? Or not gotten it, and glad you skipped it?!

Treatsie June* 2013 Review!

Oh Treatsie. You are my favorite. You arrive on time like you say you will, and are full of delicious treats!

Treatsie is a candy/chocolate subscription service. Every month for $15 you get a box of fresh candies delivered to your door from multiple confectioners from across the country!  Lets get too it!

Treatsie ships out on the third Monday of the month, they always ship on Mondays so you get the freshest candies! Mine arrived on a Friday last month (well Thursday, but i work late, and have to get it from the offices so I get it Friday) They sent me an email on Tuesday saying my box had shipped, and I was BEYOND excited, i checked the mail Tues, Wend, and Thurs hoping it came earlier. It didn't. Sigh....

This month we had items from three different company's, AND they were delicious! Here is the whole box!


Southern Pecan Toffee- This is from Lambrecht Gourmet and it is delicious. You can see in the pictures below that it is thick, and full of nuts. It really was delicious. I considered saving some of this for when I go home next week and visit my family because my mother would LOVE it... but i can always order more ;-) Its sweet but not too sweet like some toffee hurts your teeth sweet? its not like that. But it has nuts in it, so its completely delicious and crunchy b/c its toffee and because of the nuts? Its just good. Try it if you ever get the chance!

I took this picture because i was impressed with the packaging. You can't see it well here, but when I first saw this I was like? Woah its not sealed? better eat it now, but when I took off the ribbon it was sealed down here to make it look fancy on top. I loved it. So I took a picture. Now i am thinking it may have been because I was so tired. 

Askinosie Assorted Dark Chocolates: I was SO EXCITED to be getting chocolate in my uhm chocolate box? Haha I was also SO nervous when I saw a spoiler like two days ago that It would be melted everywhere. It was NOT! I was stoked! Good job packing these up Treatsie! I also did not realize, until I scarfed one of these down that they were different. Luckily for me, I ate one of the duplicates first! :-) 

 The silver packaging is the outer envelope that the entire box comes in, with an ice pack snugly in place. The paper outer box is wrapped so the wet condensation cannot get in. It really is a GREAT presentation and packaging! Oh and this chocolate? It is DARK chocolate this one is 70% coco and delicious!
This image is a bit small, but the back of the chocolates says the % they are. I think i got two %70, one %72 and one %77. They are also chocolates from different countries! Which is super cool! (The coco is from different countries) So I am super excited to eat the rest of these! I think i am going to eat them with some red wine! ;-) 

Liddabit Sweets- These guys gave us three things! A Barley Tea and Honey Lollipop, Fig and Ricotta Caramel (I was skeptical) and Dark Chocolate Caramels.
 Three caramels per bag, which was awesome. I can share when I get more than one.. (Or eat them all myself) I was SO skeptical about the fig and ricotta, but it was good! I cannot describe why, and I guess I didn't really think about the whole fig is fruit and therefore it was a fruity thing, but it was good! Try it! The dark chocolate ones were also good, although surprisingly I liked the fig and ricotta better! I LOVE dark chocolate anything too! Just goes to show you that sometimes you have to try something new! 

I am not going to lie. I haven't eaten the lollipop. I need to have time to enjoy this If I am going to eat it, and well with a puppy around she just won't leave me alone the whole time its in my mouth.  Maybe later today when i go run errands If i remember to bring it with me!

I was SO excited about treatsie arriving yesterday, and it did NOT disappoint! I AM excited about a whole month of chocolates though treatsie....hint hint... Because while the caramels are delicious..i prefer the chocolate! Treatsie is a really great deal when you take into account shipping costs of items such as these. Its delicious, and its a treat! I honestly havent bought myself any chocolate (I normally do) because I know It will come in this box. Waiting another month for this is going to be torture now..... :-) 

Want to sign up for Treatsie click HERE

Want items from the delicious candy makers? 

**Wrong Month. Changed the Title. Oops) 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Thoughts! :-)

Its time for another Thursday thoughts...a link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

Oh man what a week it has been!
- I have a trainee at work, which means crazy extra hours, and we are in the final week of fundraising for our fiscal year, but just surpassed all of last years numbers so its a good time but stressful, and some long days!

-I got Yes To chapstick in my June Birchbox...and despite not having tried it yet. I heard good things about Yes To Products and saw them on sale at Target, found a coupon and scored the Blueberry Shampoo, Conditioner, and two one time use face masks one cucumber one tomato for like $6 total. (this is due to a gift card back deal for every 2 yes to products you buy and the $2 off coupons from the Yes To Facebook page) My cashier was like, and you get a $5 gift card...which you already knew i bet. They know me and my couponing ways at target. #couponproblems! :-) (everyone should note that my spell check wants to change couponing to conning which made me laugh)

-I am REALLY hoping my June Treatsie arrives tomorrow, I saw a spoiler on their facebook that someones arrived and it has like SO MANY goodies inside of it!!! yay for deliciousness  I will do a review AS SOON AS i get my greedy little hands on it!

- I got TONS of boxes this month, and i had told my boyfriend I scaled back..oops? I will do some reviews for the products but I received ..birchbox, ipsy, bulubox, pawalla, conscious box, the target box, julep destination mystery box, popsugar, FINALLY GOT my coco rocha fancy box, and stunner of the month. I also have two orders out for the julep warehouse sale, got an order from like 6 weeks ago from hautelook, two social monograms orders coming in, glossybox, bespoke post, and treatsie that i am waiting on. I think thats it, but WOAH mail this month! (Oh and four-five bzzagent campaigns! I am going to review them all at once, I was waiting for my fried chicken coupons! Dinner Friday maybe? ;-)

-I got selected for a Mary Kay Influenster box, and am SO excited. Its my first voxbox, and since I don't know what that means or what to expect I am stoked! I like deals, and free stuff, and will try anything once. I also like to splurge on myself! I work hard, so i am a good catch for a product if its fantastic! At 25 I have a lot of years to be a customer! I hope  :-/

-I recently got a coastal scents palette, AND the lorac eye candy full face palette (from Christmas time?) and am so excited about playing with new makeup. I do however realize this whole sub box and makeup thing is going to take over my TINY vanity, so I have been looking for storage options. I want a polish rack mostly because its cool, and got some nice cups for like liners, and brushes and tube like items, but need some other solutions... and a new vanity! Any thoughts? I know Ikea has good stuff, but the closest one is like 2 hours away in Charlotte, and  I am already driving home to NJ next week so I dunno if I want to be doing that drive soon.

-I get to go HOME in 9 days! See my mom, my siblings, and ALL my friends! :-) I get to throw my best friend a surprise Bridal shower too. Is this a good or bad idea? Anyone know? I'm unmarried so I have NO idea if this is a good or bad thing! lol


Friday, June 14, 2013

My May Treatsie Review!

Treatsie is a new subscription service, one of the newest on the block. May was the first month boxes went out to regular subscribers, in April a box did go out to people who helped fund the kickstarter! I was SO excited about signing up for Treatsie, I was on the wait-list and when they emailed me saying I could sign up, I did not give it a second thought!

Treatsie costs $15 a month, and ships in the third week. They ship in a white envelope (not pictured) with a bubble mailer inside (also not pictured, sorry I REALLY wanted to rip into this candy, I give many props to all the reviewers who take such nice pictures and do not just dive in) and inside that the cardboard box with the Treatsie logo on it! (Below) is plastic wrapped and sealed with an ice pack to keep it cold.

This is the box it came in! 

So, uh what was inside?! Well actually kind of a mess. It was full of deliciousness listed below, but it was melted, and I mean this is my first summer in the South, and its HOT already, its May and in the high 80's. Not a good time to be sending out chocolates, however Treatsie is AMAZING, and when I posted about my melted box (and planning to eat it anyway because even melted messy chocolate is good) they offered to send me a new one! It arrived the next week, and was packed with an extra ice pack. Treatsie you have won my heart... now just work on predicting the weather so we know if we need one, two, or three ice packs ;-) 

The goodies!

Loblolly Creamery’s Honey Vanilla Marshmallow- These were yummy, but got stale quick! I tried not to eat everything in one sitting and probably didn't close the bag after taking this picture. Note to self it is OK not to save this box and just dive in. :-) 

Nutwhats Cashew Coconut Scribbles & Nutwhats Pecan Scribbles- these were amazing. Ah-Mazing, I thought they would be the box favorite. But it gets better. If you like, nuts, chocolate, or anything delicious you will love these. I noticed they are VERY similar, and I loved them both (so did my mom, she was visiting the week this came and I had to share. Ugh I was not happy about the sharing but super excited to see her!)

The Caramel House’s Beer & Pretzel Caramel &The Caramel House’s Vanilla Caramel &The Caramel House’s Naked Turtle Caramel-  Remember when I said that I was impressed that people can get pictures taken? Well I did get three caramels, but only two made it to the picture taking process :-). The vanilla caramel was good, the beer and pretzel caramel was ok, but the Naked turtle caramel? Send me a box full of these treatsie and I will WORK FOR FREE! So good, The Caramel House is going to have a repeat customer for sure! 

I was so happy with the customer service  especially from a new company. On top of that my box arrived WHEN they said it would, and I got fast and professional communication. I Loved my treats, and love the user interface with the website, I did jump right on my computer to look at where everything came from. Treatsie even has a few videos about the different confectioners (Is that the correct word for the company making the candy?) on the website and on their Facebook page! Its a bit more expensive, but chocolates, handmade marshmallows, and caramels are not cheap either, and I think its a steal! Getting things like chocolates shipped is SO EXPENSIVE so for $15 a month, I feel like I can't go wrong! 

I love chocolate, and Treatsie seems like just enough of a treat for myself monthly, I work hard I deserve it! I know they have a wait list so SIGN UP NOW! Its delicious and SO worth it! 

Links to websites! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Yay for Thursday!!! I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts again today!

1. Why do my birchboxes arrive on different days? If they are going to the same area of the country you would think they would arrive on the same day? I understand why my sister and I get our ipsy on different days (normally only a day or two off) but i would love to see how they choose which boxes to send in one wave ya know?

2. My puppy is getting fixed tomorrow! No cute little puppys from my puppy! I am excited, and glad it will be done, but sad because we rescued her and the free vet visits are over after they do this. :-(... but I think its SO FREAKING Cute when the animals have cones on their heads! My cat Nala had to be fixed (I am all for adoption, we found her outside the nasty wintery streets and getting animals spayed/deterred as soon as possible for their health and because their are already so many dogs and cats waiting to be adopted).

3. I am STILL EXCITED For my bespoke post! I know I posted about the selections, but i ALSO am very excited about the upcoming selections? Who knows when but i saw some fancy coffee stuff on their facebook page that said they were testing it for later boxes! Stoked! (that month bespoke post is for me!) If you sign up for bespoke post my favorite part is that you can keep skipping months until you see something that is worth spending the money! I LOVE boxes with skip options!

4. Pacifica finally released the Solar Palate that i have been eyeing since my ipsy last month! I want it! But am trying to behave, so hopefully someone else wants to buy it and tell me how awesome it is, and that I cannot live without it, so that i HAVE to buy it?! :-)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Yay for Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

1. I am going to post each box review this month. I SWEAR I AM! With my own pictures, even though my pictures SUCK compared to SO many of the other pictures I see when I read other reviews. Why is it, that despite getting the same or similar items, I want to read 12309210382903 (exaggeration :-) ) different peoples opinions about the boxes?  Like, do i really need to read it 10 different places? Anyway I am HOPING Popsugar comes before Saturday, but I am pretty sure I will get everything next week! Whomp

2. Instagram stole my soul, and I look at it all of the time, for everything. Between Instagram, starbucks, couponing at Target, work and taking my puppy out...  my life has no other meaning now

3. I need some cute Bridal Shower stuff. I am mailing off the invites tomorrow, for a bridal shower on July 6th for my best friends wedding, annnnnnnnd I need some other cute game ideas. I have a few that involve some classics
 Recipe Cards and a Recipie Card Holder
Bingo for Gifts
Bridal Trivia about the Groom (this one is super cute and involves balloons and floating pictures, as well as moustaches and tiaras!
but... I need more? 3 hours of fun filled time people! Any ideas? Suggestions? The best game you ever played? Does everyone HATE bingo? What if the prizes are cool? Is it ok then?!

4. This one is HUGE and the MOST EXCITING thing that happened to me all week. 143 people read my spoiler post. 143 people?! Urm, hello 143 people please come back and make me feel special, (WAVES) I love each and every one of you! The engineering student in me loves the numbers and stats blogger gives me, and I stalk that page probably more than I check my email. Its just FUN and I know this makes me sound nuts. I am, I accept it.

5. I am SUPER excited to take my road trip home to NJ in a few weeks. :-) Does anyone else use gasbuddy? Its super useful for long trips!  It told me my trip will cost me $150 in gas round trip. Which is nice to know! Even if its wrong by $50 at least I know!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More June 2013 Ipsy Spoilers!

More IPSY Spoilers have been posted! Lets Recap! 

Spoiler #1 (From email)

This one is pretty self explanatory! A full size NYX blush! 

Spoiler #2

The thought is that this is a starlooks lip liner or something similar

Spoiler #3

The thought is that this is a beauty sparkling cream palette (So i guess a sort of gel eyeliner or body glitter)

Spoiler #4 (Through 5?) Apparently Ipsy is keeping the trend of MORE individuality between bags, which some people like and others do not like. I personally don't care as of now, but can see myself being jealous of some other bags down the road if this keeps up!

This is a TON of stuff. 

Caitlyn Eyeliner (the jar and black thing) A pencil of some kind. A metal tin of some kind. possibly J.Cat False Eyelashes! It says Glue! 

What do you think are in the rest of the spoilers?? Thoughts? Ideas? 

Want to sign up for IPSY after seeing these items! Its SUCH A great deal for $10!!!! Sign up HERE 

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Bespoke Post Selection Time! -Great Fathers Day gift if you are still looking!

Bespoke post is a a Box of Awesome. Really it is. It is a box geared towards men, but has cool stuff women can enjoy too! Every month on the first they open a Selection Window and show you the boxes, you can choose a current (New box) or an old box (If they have them available) OR you can skip and wait for something more awesome next month! I bought a deal for these a few months ago and have skipped since they offered the Weekender II but I WAS SO EXCITED to see Seared for the next option this month! The boxes normally cost $45 each, and you can pay monthly, or buy a gift that lasts for three or six months! (this could last a lot longer if they skip once in awhile) I will post this box, and my last box once this arrives and do a multi-month review!

The options this month (New Options) are both great! However my boyfriend looked through past boxes and was so excited about the salt block, that when I saw it was featured again I KNEW he would want in! (I let him choose the box and if he wants to skip or get one, unless I see something that I NEED to have, like that weekender bag ;-)


This box is GREAT, but he wont be into the sun glasses, or the bracelet and I already have WAY to many glasses,AND Seared looks too good! 


This is the box we are getting, a huge salt block worth $34.95 off the website so this alone shipped pays for the cost of the box to me (I got three months for $75) and it comes with two specialty sugars, and the nice Turner. 

All in all i CANNOT wait for this box, and wanted to share it with you guys in case you wanted in on this deal too! The total value of BOTH Boxes is well over the $45 (Those sunglasses are worth like $75 bucks alone) so it is a GREAT Fathers Day Gift if you still need one! I would have totally sent this to my Dad because he loved watching cooking shows and I remember once we went searching pottery stores for a big pot for him to cook in the oven because he saw Alton Brown do it once (Oh man tv does dumb things to us at times) so maybe it is perfect for your Dad too?!

Want to check it out OR Sign up? Click HERE  

*Post does contain referral links, in which I may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Monday, June 3, 2013

My thoughts on....Stunner of the Month!....a multiple month review! -AND CODE FOR FREE FIRST PAIR!

Stunner of the Month Review- and Coupon Code for FREE FIRST PAIR!!! 

Stunner of the Month was technically my first subscription... but I ALWAYS forget about it until it shows up.   Probably because no one posts spoilers for my to stalk! My boss (my Male boss I may add) sold me on this box last year. He was talk about how he loses sunglasses all the time, and loves crazy ones and found this and LOVED it. This subscription is SO Inexpensive, and FUN! I think it would make a great gift!

So those are obviously my thoughts before I dive into this lets say this review will be different, why? Because I gifted one of the sets of sunglasses and CANNOT find one of the other pairs, so this is a hodgepodge of all the glasses I have received and my thoughts about them! (i have no idea which month was what, but you get the idea, one pair a month )

A few things to note
1. For $9 a month you get a new pair of sunglasses shipped to you. In a cute white carrying case.
2. In the first shipment they send you a little screwdriver thing, to fix any issues later on (I think this is for everyone, I got one!)
3. You can choose Male, Female or Unisex.
4. You get to rate the glasses monthly. I think they take this into account when they send the next pair out!
5. A lot of my glasses were part of the Unisex line. Only the two noted where from the Unisex. You can CHANGE this choice at any point during your subscription
6. I found this out on instagram, when i @stunnerofthemonth they answered my question telling me how to change my glasses type immediately  they did not ask me to go email them, or call customer service. (this is my way of saying, THEY ARE AWESOME)

This was my VERY First pair! They are cute aviators! 

this pair came, and I was like Meh---i am NOT a fan of the top chain link effect. I switched to female only after this! However my brother thought this was neat, so he took them! 

this was my first "female" shipment. for the first few months I went unisex. I LOVE the color, not so much the shape.

I got the glasses on the left (on the dog!) randomly in  the middle of the month, and YES I know its not the best picture to tell that the glasses are a bit odd shaped, but FREE.. Check the email above. What other sub box. sends out EXTRA SHIPMENTS?! SO cool! IT made these glasses Epic! 

My most recent shipment came in today and looks like this:
 The box they come in always looks like this. I LOVE that its small enough that my mailman leaves it in my box and I never have to wait to pick it up from the office! 

These are a super cute grey/clear black color with the jewels on the side, but its enough to be feminine but not gaudy ya know? And this month they sent me a SLAP BRACELET  It came wrapped around the sunglasses and I was like OMG SO COOL! Its designed like a watch and it says time to stunt! So Cute! I am loving it just because its so old school and i remember being so excited by slap bracelets! 

Final Thoughts: 
Do I love every pair? Hell No. Is it worth it for $9 a month to have extra sunglasses lying around? Hell Yes. when I went to college in NJ I would go into NYC at least three times in the summer to get sunglasses off the street from vendors for $5 or $10 because i broke the last pair in my purse. This is CHEAPER than that! How do I figure? I used to spend another $10 to travel to and from the city, AND now its shipped to my door free. Love it! My favorite part is having a pair of sunglasses in my car, in my boyfriends car, at work, in my purse, etc. And I do not need to worry about them breaking because I have replacements. For example I am always super afraid to bring my sunglasses in the ocean with me, but last weekend when I went, I wore a pair in. Did I wear my expensive House of Harlow sunglasses? No I wore my cute Stunner of the Month ones, and if something had happened, I know more are coming. :-) With that being said this MAY be my second to last month of Stunner of the Month until next summer. I had a 6 month sub and got 5 of the glasses  and may not renew because now I have like 10 pairs. But once I break them Stunner of the Month is where its at! (One pair is MIA and I have no pictures sorry!) 

The perfect gift for the person who looses things, loves sunglasses, breaks things, etc. :-) 

Now what you have ALL been waiting for! Stunner Of The Month sent me a code for your Free First month Trial Subscription: The Promo Code is trystunner*

*I get NO Credit for you clicking through my links or if you use this code.  Stunner of the Month has no program for referrals, I just think its a GREAT deal and want to share! With that said, I used the code once to send my brother a pair, and i still had to input my credit card info, but I made sure it did not charge me, so I am pretty sure the code works! Let me know how it goes for you!*