Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for another Thursday Thoughts!

1. I am going HOME Tommorow  I have been talking (and thinking) about this for weeks and I am SO excited it is finally here! I am driving from SC to NJ, and am looking forward to being in NJ and seeing family and friends. (not so much looking forward to the 12 hour drive though) 

2. I am STILL waiting on some things I bought/boxes this month and it makes me sad I may not get them today and have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to see whats inside! I am waiting on free earrings from the popsugar gorjana code, bespokepost, julep to fix my warehouse order (it came missing stuff, AND something was broken Quality Check Julep come on!) and of course glossybox 

3. I am SO afraid that my boyfriend is going to sit me down and yell at me if too many boxes come the week I am gone. He is going to freak if all those boxes above come, and say birchbox, ipsy, and popsugar somehow have their shit together super early? It could happen to me.. I swear he is going to freak out. He knows how bad it is, but he doesn't have any idea. lol. 

4. I am a trainer at work, and I train the new employees in my position. Only my company is wired in that I am located remotely so they send trainees to me to train on my site to prepare for their own! My second trainee of the year is leaving today, and I have no other trainees scheduled. This makes me sad because it is fun to have a buddy at work. However I am SO excited to going back to doing my job, and not watching someone else do it slower. My patience is wearing thin after two  trainees and six weeks of never being in the office alone :-/ 

5. I did some blog posts this week with MY OWN pictures like I have been saying! I need to find a good place for pictures, that shows color. I also probably shouldn't just use my phone. However I think my last camera purchase was like 4 years ago, and that my phone camera is just as good now. Oh technology! 

6. I CANNOT get the instagram video thing to let me take a video. I watch videos all the time. Other peoples cute babies make me want to have kids like NOW, but when I go to take a picture I have no option for video, EVEN If I take a video and then try to go back and use the choose photo option, my videos show up for like 5 seconds and then disappear because I am not supposed to add them to instagram! help?! Anyone else having this problem, or know what I am doing wrong?! 

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