Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bzzz....Agent!!!! Dr Scholls, Kroger Friend Chicken, Lean Cuisine, MORE Dr Scholls, AND SkinnyGirl Vodka!

Yum.... So BzzAgent is my FAVORITE thing ever. I wanted to post on here about signing up to try things for FREE! Bzzagent is the leading word of mouth marketing company. You sign up, and answer tons of surveys. They use these surveys and companies wishes to send out samples (Normally full size items or coupons to buy full size items or deeply discounted items) to review.
My BzzAgent Haul. Lots of goodies to share with you! 

Here are a few of my experiences with bzzagent lately and how i felt about the product! Keep in mind I AM GETTING these items for FREE through Bzzagent, so I do have to let you know that! I also will send anyone who is interested coupons from the bzzagent kits if you email me at let me know which coupon/coupons interest you and I will send it your way ASAP!

Dr Scholls Massaging Gel Insoles! I got an actual pair of insoles and coupons for $4 off! (These are great because target regularly does $5 gift card deals with the dr scholls, so if they are regularly priced at $9-$10 you can get them for $5-$6 with coupon, and if you buy two get a $5 gift card making them like $3-$4 each! totally worth it to try something new to ease back, or foot pain.
Now lets start off with this. My feet, and shoes get destroyed. I work with college kids and am running around yelling a them like they are kinder-gardeners sometimes. Its fun I love it, but I do get sick of wearing heels all day. These insoles CAN NOT HELP ME. They are designed for sneakers. I also have a dog. She is adorable, but if i try to wear anything OTHER than sneakers, I lose my shoes when she pulls me. These insoles went in my sneakers for her long walks (Part lab puppy, she needs LOTS of long walks) They didnt immediatly feel great, i mean they are cushion which is nice, but a bit bulky in the shoes. Other people have said to take the regular insole out, and just leave the Dr Scholls thing In But i am not sure if i am ok with that. Overall once I got used to it, they were nice, but I am not sure I was super excited. I personally woldnt buy this type of Dr Scholls again.

However my boyfriend then stole them, he works retail and he loves them. He used to come home and complain about his cheap work shoes, now he just whines about work. ;-)

 Dr Scholls for Her! This one was exciting! I can use it in my heels, and work flats! Super excited! I used this in a pair of flats I got from Victoria Secret, and LOVE and get worn a LOT. So i did feel a bit off balance at first, but over time It was a nice little cushion to have at 9pm! I would buy using the coupons, but, I don't know if i would buy them full price, I have WAY to many shoes to put them in all of them! I also got $4 off coupons for these!

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good. Ok warning here. I got one free meal. One. To try a Line of new meals. So what happens If I picked the bad one? These are NEW and difficult to find, which made this anoying. The coupons also look like they are meant to be used only at Kroger So I was trying to do that. It took two week before I could find them, and I grocery shop  a LOT. I tried the Roaster Red Pepper Chicken, and it was good. Not anything fabulous to write home about but for a good for you frozen boxed meal? Its good! I have coupons for $1.50 off these I think if you are interested!

Fried Chicken at Kroger:
Yum! This was an AWESOME Bzzcampaign! I got coupons for a Free 8 piece fried chicken, a free bottle of coke, and a free bag of Kroger potato chips. Urm yum!? That's an entire dinner, good job Kroger! I love you! I know I like coke, and chips and we had eaten the Kroger chicken before and its pretty good. So I was just excited to try it here, AND I am kind of putting it to the test because I come home late at night, so I would probably be picking up the older, not so fresh chicken which may impact my thoughts right? I have coupons for $2 off the chicken, AND a coke product. The chicken at my Kroger was like $6.99, and soda can be between $1.25 and $2.5 so its like getting soda free when you buy them! Again let me know if you want one! (

***So i went to try and get the chicken tonight, and it was like 7pm. So i walk up to the counter to ask the guy behind it, and his response when i ask about the 8 piece fried chicken is "We stop making chicken at 6pm" NOTHING Else was said. Horrible customer service Kroger! I will go back for it, but it was just... weird that he didn't say anything else and just walked away. No sign was posted, how was I supposed to know when they stop making it!?!

Skinny Girl Vodka.... you are calling my name! I am in the process of looking for this stuff. I checked Target, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, a random wine and liquor store. I finally went online and searched for them because them seem impossible to find! I KNOW I have seen them before. Its that whole phenomenon of when you don't need it its everywhere, and when you do its no where to be found. I will get me some liquor! With  $7 rebate on two this WILL cost me....but I don't mind. :-) I have some other $7 rebates (it is one per household) so if anyone wants one just shoot me an email!

Feel free to ask for multiple coupons! (Its still going to cost me one stamp, so i have no problems sending you out all of these!)

I think my favorite thing so far is the liquor but I haven't even had it! This is fun, getting all this stuff, but its work too!! ;-)

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