Saturday, June 22, 2013

Target Beauty Box June 2013 Review!

So Target put out on the Target Style Facebook page that they would be doing a $5 beautybox. I think its sort of a test run to see if they can handle jumping into the sub box world! I say this because of verbiage used in the different emails sent out, including the survey and the coupon within the box...but I got mine! SO here is what was included!
The box came inside a sturdy white reusable box, covered in a sleeve that has the target logos on it and the logos are actually supposed to be like lipstick, powder blush, eyeliner. Its cute but i didn't notice it until I read about it on someone else's blog, and pulled that sleeve out of the trash to see what they were talking about. 

Fekkai Glossing Cream - this is the travel size, I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner but hate paying for it. its like $22 for a small bottle of the shampoo! Anyway this cream is much appreciated by me and it makes the box totally worth it!  5 stars ;-)

Venus and Olay Razor- this surprised me the most. i mean its a razor, and razors are not cheap but I opened it today and its very different than the razor i thought it was going to be like and i actually LOVED it. So 5 stars for this product too!
A pic of the razor. I didn't expect the floppy( and yes they are floppy) white things, which moisturize  but I love it! They are not stiff so its easier to use, and even though it is bigger and bulkier than my other razor, its really not! 

Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips- I got a cute color, black with sparkles, which makes me happy, these are also worth more than the cost of the box, but I wouldn't ever buy one time use nail strips for the same price i can get a bottle (and lots of manicures) of polish so I do like getting them in boxes.

Loreal BB Cream- Foil sample, will try because it is light/md but its the smallest sample in the box. an extra in my mind.

Effaclar duo- This stuff is pricey! the bottle costs like (1.35oz) $35 bucks! This small sample is 5ml but still a good size since its a acne treatment! Excited to try this when i break out since it has good reviews!

The box also had a survey (which i have not taken yet) and a $3 off $15 purchase coupon for target. I am about to use that coupon along with two shopkick coupons today!  (one for $2 off a sonia kashuik purchase of $6 or more, and one for $2 off Pixi  I am going to try and stay at the $15-$16 mark and be able to save $7, i may end up with some brushes or something, but I don't care! )

Overall the $5 box had a great value, fun stuff I will use. Nothing high end or crazy. However the shipping was awful. They mailed them to the billing address not the  shipping address (which they did ask for) which sucks cuz i had bought my mom one as like an extra mothers day box anddddd it never got there. It came to me instead. (she is in NJ and i am in SC). They also mailed them out later than expected but for the first time not toooo bad target.

i would sub if this $5 box continued to come from target, and I say that because i love some of the products target offers that are a bit pricier  They sell Yes too, and Pacifica, and Pixi, and hell I am a fan of Elf and that stuff is dirt cheap. so if that came in a box, I wouldn't be upset about a $5 box, as long as it is worth the $5, comes in a reasonable amount of time, and maybe goes to the right address?? I pay $5 for Starbucks on bad days, so I can afford $5 for some fun beauty stuff too!


Anyone else get the target box? What did you think? would you buy it again? Anyone NOT get it and wished they had? Or not gotten it, and glad you skipped it?!

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