Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MaryKay "The Mary Kay Look" Influenster VoxBox Review!

I was really excited when I signed up for Influenster and then qualified for the Mary Kay VoxBOX! I was even more excited to get it in my mailbox today, with a half day at work!

 (I have no idea how the Influenster surveys work and how they choose people to get boxes, and just wanted to throw that out there) 

So I came home to this beauty! Full of great goodies! I did receive this free from Influenster and Mary Kay, but all of these thoughts, and opinions are my own (including the fact that EVERYONE should sign up for Influenster and buy some of this stuff from Mary Kay!)

This is the FREE box I was sent, I filled out some surveys and got this for free. I cannot get over that. Its amazing! 
This card was awesome at explaining what everything was, even though it was all full sized and in packaging with explanation  The box also came with a Marykay catalog, and i will be repurchasing some of these items even after using them once! 

Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara (I <3 Black) ($15)
I think it is SO cute the mascara's are called I <3 black and I <3 brown. I got black, which is good for me, I love black mascara and despite having like 10 of them, i opened this baby up and used it! I was a bit concerned because the brush is SO small, but it worked REALLY well and was not clumpy! I will use this again tomorrow, and share more thoughts later on! 

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10)
Gotta love me free brushes! Probably the nicest, most expensive and cleanest brush I own. (I didn't use it yet haha) 

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15)
This is SUPER interesting, because I have never used a lash primer! I am stoked about it though, and I am going to use it with both my mascara I use now, and the mary kay mascara from above to see if I notice a difference! 

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18)
This has the COOLEST package! I am going to try to explain it, I would post a video on instagram but i cannot figure that out for the life of me! Its like...a sliding tube and you click the top to release the middle tube (the part that has the lipstick) but it is still clicked in the larger tube, and piece slides around? Ugh its neat, and I am not explaining it well! Also its a pretty color! I can actually rock this to work!

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color-Violet Storm ($22)
I ADORE this, I had purple shadow on this morning, and my purple caitlyn eyeliner from the IPSY bag this month, so I was stoked i could just layer this on. It is so pretty, soft shimmery, creamy on my hand! Love it, really. Its some DAMN expensive eyeshadow at $22 bucks a pop, but I may be splurging on the Coastal Blue and Meadow Grass. There goes $40... you got my Mary Kay! 

The Swatches!
This does not do the eyshadow justice, its truly beautiful and I love it. The lipstick is adorable too! 

I LOVED this! It was $80 worth of products sent to me to review and I could not be happier. I am branching out to try the eyelash primer, and Its like a full face look! I remember doing a mary kay party once when i was younger and thinking it was SO expensive, but now that i splurge on other things i guess its not that bad. Ugh I am sucked in! 

I will update more once everything gets used a few more times!!! :-) Go sign up for influenster

*I did get these items for free, But the opinions above are my own*

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  1. Loved this review! I am actually a Mary Kay consultant (because I was surprised at how much I loved the products, too). Let me know if you need to purchase any of these products and maybe I can get you a discount on that eye shadow you love so much! :) www.marykay.com/Danielle430