Monday, June 3, 2013

My thoughts on....Stunner of the Month!....a multiple month review! -AND CODE FOR FREE FIRST PAIR!

Stunner of the Month Review- and Coupon Code for FREE FIRST PAIR!!! 

Stunner of the Month was technically my first subscription... but I ALWAYS forget about it until it shows up.   Probably because no one posts spoilers for my to stalk! My boss (my Male boss I may add) sold me on this box last year. He was talk about how he loses sunglasses all the time, and loves crazy ones and found this and LOVED it. This subscription is SO Inexpensive, and FUN! I think it would make a great gift!

So those are obviously my thoughts before I dive into this lets say this review will be different, why? Because I gifted one of the sets of sunglasses and CANNOT find one of the other pairs, so this is a hodgepodge of all the glasses I have received and my thoughts about them! (i have no idea which month was what, but you get the idea, one pair a month )

A few things to note
1. For $9 a month you get a new pair of sunglasses shipped to you. In a cute white carrying case.
2. In the first shipment they send you a little screwdriver thing, to fix any issues later on (I think this is for everyone, I got one!)
3. You can choose Male, Female or Unisex.
4. You get to rate the glasses monthly. I think they take this into account when they send the next pair out!
5. A lot of my glasses were part of the Unisex line. Only the two noted where from the Unisex. You can CHANGE this choice at any point during your subscription
6. I found this out on instagram, when i @stunnerofthemonth they answered my question telling me how to change my glasses type immediately  they did not ask me to go email them, or call customer service. (this is my way of saying, THEY ARE AWESOME)

This was my VERY First pair! They are cute aviators! 

this pair came, and I was like Meh---i am NOT a fan of the top chain link effect. I switched to female only after this! However my brother thought this was neat, so he took them! 

this was my first "female" shipment. for the first few months I went unisex. I LOVE the color, not so much the shape.

I got the glasses on the left (on the dog!) randomly in  the middle of the month, and YES I know its not the best picture to tell that the glasses are a bit odd shaped, but FREE.. Check the email above. What other sub box. sends out EXTRA SHIPMENTS?! SO cool! IT made these glasses Epic! 

My most recent shipment came in today and looks like this:
 The box they come in always looks like this. I LOVE that its small enough that my mailman leaves it in my box and I never have to wait to pick it up from the office! 

These are a super cute grey/clear black color with the jewels on the side, but its enough to be feminine but not gaudy ya know? And this month they sent me a SLAP BRACELET  It came wrapped around the sunglasses and I was like OMG SO COOL! Its designed like a watch and it says time to stunt! So Cute! I am loving it just because its so old school and i remember being so excited by slap bracelets! 

Final Thoughts: 
Do I love every pair? Hell No. Is it worth it for $9 a month to have extra sunglasses lying around? Hell Yes. when I went to college in NJ I would go into NYC at least three times in the summer to get sunglasses off the street from vendors for $5 or $10 because i broke the last pair in my purse. This is CHEAPER than that! How do I figure? I used to spend another $10 to travel to and from the city, AND now its shipped to my door free. Love it! My favorite part is having a pair of sunglasses in my car, in my boyfriends car, at work, in my purse, etc. And I do not need to worry about them breaking because I have replacements. For example I am always super afraid to bring my sunglasses in the ocean with me, but last weekend when I went, I wore a pair in. Did I wear my expensive House of Harlow sunglasses? No I wore my cute Stunner of the Month ones, and if something had happened, I know more are coming. :-) With that being said this MAY be my second to last month of Stunner of the Month until next summer. I had a 6 month sub and got 5 of the glasses  and may not renew because now I have like 10 pairs. But once I break them Stunner of the Month is where its at! (One pair is MIA and I have no pictures sorry!) 

The perfect gift for the person who looses things, loves sunglasses, breaks things, etc. :-) 

Now what you have ALL been waiting for! Stunner Of The Month sent me a code for your Free First month Trial Subscription: The Promo Code is trystunner*

*I get NO Credit for you clicking through my links or if you use this code.  Stunner of the Month has no program for referrals, I just think its a GREAT deal and want to share! With that said, I used the code once to send my brother a pair, and i still had to input my credit card info, but I made sure it did not charge me, so I am pretty sure the code works! Let me know how it goes for you!*

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