Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things I am Excited About!

Another week, another Things I Am Excited About!!!!

1. Going home in July! I am excited to see my family and My best friend is getting married in September (expect some DIY blogs on games for Bridal Showers) and I am hosting a Bridal Shower for her! What is the BEST bridal shower game you have played? Why? What made it fun? The prize? What is a good bridal shower game winning prize?!

2. I LOVE my job, but every year we wrap up one campaign and start over. In July we will start fresh, and when I moved South in September I took over a HOT MESS of a Campaign and have gotten it off too a good start, (Raised over $1 Million Dollars) but I cannot wait to start from scratch and begin a whole year that is under my leadership! ($1 million next year maybe? ;-)

3. I get two days off this next weekend, which is probably the norm for most people, but This week I worked Today (and I always work Sunday) and last week my mom was here and I did take time off, but we were doing touristy things like the Zoo, and Beach so it did not feel like a vacation because I was always driving, so i can RELAX for TWO WHOLE DAYS! ;-) its gonna be a redbox weekend!

4. My three year anniversary is coming up! I love my boyfriend, and he is a FANTASTIC guy, and yeah we live together, and all that fun stuff, but we have been dating for three years this summer and its exciting! That is a LONG time to still love someone ;-). The end of July is our anniversary, but I need to start coming up with IDEAS for what to do a gifts!

5. Its the start of  the month...which means Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers... and THEN it means BOXEs, BOXES, Boxes, and THEN....I get my glossybox two weeks later, and then start the cycle again! ;-)  (anyother glossybox subscribers KNOW what I mean! lol)

6. I am going to do a weekly spoiler roundup I think! Thats one of my FAVORITE parts of the boxes Anyway!

7. SOMEONE READ MY BLOG...AND COMMENTED ON IT!. My first comment got me Super Duper Excited, because Hey I do this for me.. but its really awesome to think someone else found it interesting enough to write back! Erica G you made my day/night/week. :-)


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