Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sunday Social

I am linking up with a Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social! 

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
  My best friends Bridal Shower! I was able to go home, spend time partying with friends, and then "surprise" her with a shower with family and friends! It was fantastic. 
the NEXT best thing was a trip to the beach with my mom and sisters. It was nice to get away, and also very odd to be without my Dad and Brother. 

2. What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?
I have been stuck in a very boring "look" over the past few years. Jeans and T-shirts. This summer i found jewelry, and dresses. Can you believe I didn't wear a dress or skirt except for very formal events (Sorority formals, weddings, that's IT) for YEARS...probably since....forever? haha or when my mom still dressed me, and even then Dresses didn't happen often. 
my current favorites (Target Clearance Finds!)

3. What is one thing you wish you’d gotten to do this summer?
 WINERY TOURS! I love winery's. I get to try wine before I buy it, and buy them for the road! :-) I mapped out wineries in North Carolina and HOLY SHIT look at this?! Too bad i live in South Carolina. A road trip is in my future. :-) 

4. What was your favorite song of the summer?
 My favorite summer song is always going to be Summer State of mind. So good. Please listen here its so good! For the past few years, this is the song I play leading up to wanting summer here.

5. What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
 hurm, The Challenge Rivals 2! I want to be on this show and be friends with these crazy fucking people. And Hells Kitchen, and basically anything with Gordan Ramsay in it. Man he makes me feel like an AWESOME boss. I can be a bitch but he is just awful! I LOVE it. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Best Of July!

Posting has obviously been MIA lately. Sorry about that to anyone who DOES read this! I have had THREE trainees at work (They are flown to me to learn on-site) AND I threw my best friends bridal shower last month (a smashing success) but it was in NJ, and I Live in South Carolina now. My baby sister (22?) has also decided she and her boyfriend may be coming to live with me! CRAZYNESS.

But that is not something anyone cares about. Lets talk about July.... I figure I can post pictures of this stuff when i get it, and you know...NOTHING. Or I  can post about things after the fact, once I have tried, and used items, and lets see what top ten things I even remember about July! This way if you don't have subs (Or are thinking about getting them) but want these products you have my thoughts, or if you wanna see if anyone actually uses the shit from the boxes, at least you know I use some of it!

1. Bzzagent. This is the COOLEST site ever. Sign up. Fill out Surveys. Send me free stuff. I talk about it! Shit, i coupon, and buy boxes, pay for shit and talk about it. So THANKS Bzzagent for giving me the stuff for FREE at least! This past month I got the new Special K oatmeal cups. With nuts and like cranberries to mix in. SO GOOD! They are the special K Nourish items. DELICIOUS TRY THEM! Except the lemon bar, i heard bad things and dont like lemon, So i didnt eat that! (sorry!)

2. Ipsy BH Cosmetics Pallettee/Eye Shadow Samples- The brown color is awesome. It looks SOO Good wet, as a shadow under fun colors. LOVE It. Not much color payoff dry but wet they are good!

3. Birchbox the Balm INstain in Swiss Dot- I don't even LIKE Blush and this bad boy is awesome! So cute! It looks nice, without being like BAM I layered on concealer to look pale, and then blush to look alive (does anyone else kind of find this funny? lets hide the pink of my skin, to add pink later?) Well even I want to use this daily, so thats awesome! It feels amazinly silky and smooth!

4. ButterLondon Nailpolish- This came in my Allure Summer box (Months ago! sigh!) but I used it for the first time on vacation, and I understand the love for Butter London. My first thought was who pays that much for a nailpolish and I was planning on ebaying that shit. However it goes on so smooth, easy, man all I can think is how Bon-Bons made me misunderstand makeup! (the 88 cent goodies from walmart? anyone else remember these)

5. Whish Hand Lotion in Orange Cream- Creamsicle scented Whish. I have said enough. only at Nordstrom (On sale for $24 for a three pack of body butter, shave cream, and body wash...I still have to bite the bullet on this)

6. Violet Oasis Hand Cream- birchbox sampled and purchased the full size! I used ALL my birchbox points this month for $35 lotion (dont worry, I used a coupon, points, got a free you pick two, AND the pouch that was free!) and I love it more than ever. I did not love that it came unsealed, but Birchbox told me thats normal so I guess its ok. It smells heavenly so... yum

7. Crunchy cookie Chips- Popsugar Must have- OMG OMG GET SOME OF THESE. they sell them at Whole Foods in Big Bags, my store was out when I went looking. Sad day for me, but these rock

8. Mightly Leaf Tea- Popsugar Must have- Man last months popsugar was on FIRE in the food department. SO GOOD! I made it like last week, and made two packets in two days, guzzled that tea down. I tried finding more (mighty leaf tea IS on sale at World Market but I couldn't find the Iced Kind) I am trying to hoard the other two tea bags...or trade for some.... :-) Anyone wanna pass theirs along? I will be your best friend forever! (and EVER)

9. Popsugar ice Cube Tray- this giant ice cube tray is amazing. It makes the best ice cubes for my dogs Kong toy. hahah i know that's not what its for, but its worth more to keep my puppy happy than to keep my drinks cold!

10.  Sephora Samples/Sephora Flash- since i signed up for Sephora flash for free shipping for a year I have gotten SO many small orders ( with three free samples) and i LOVE It. Shampoo and conditioner samples, perfume samples, mascara samples. Great stuff! Its been awesome. I love getting mail, so a few $$ to get a nice package from Sephora is a WIN in my book!

Thats how my July went down. How did everyone else fair? what was your favorite Products from July Boxes? My treatsie didn't make the list this month (SEND ME SOME DAMN CHOCOLATE) and goodies, and love with food were kind of LAME (thank god for Popsugar) so I hope the end of August does not disappoint!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Dog Box Review August 2013

So! I am very excited, because I ordered a Free Happy Dog box, and paid only $9.99 for shipping! The box is currently offering a FREE BOX TRIAL (Again its $9.99 for shipping) Still so if this looks good go check it out! I figured I would spend $10 on dog treats, every time I walk into Petco everything looks SO FUN, and I can't help picking up stuff and spending well over that $10 mark. I also have a cat, so then I feel bad about getting my new puppy treats, and not her so I go get cat toys, and spend even more money! So I love these pet boxes, because sometimes I won't know what kind of treats they will like, or not like so for $10... I had NOTHING To lose!

The box arrived six days after getting a shipping notice (I did not even know this box was coming, I had forgotten about placing the order..the harm of using my credit card online WAY to often, but I missed the email they DID send with shipping info)

The first look was AWESOME! I know its worth the $10 I paid already!

Poop bags. $3.49

 I love this. Its hilarious. Its also practical, useful, and something I kinda hate buying, and haven't bought because of it. Its bags for shit, and they are expensive little buggers. Luckily my apartment complex actually is super pet friendly and has little stations with bags, and garbage containers for our pets. Which I LOVE. However now that Medic* is old enough to play with other dogs, and has all of her shots, and has been fixed we can take her to parks, etc and will need these! So I was really excited about this!

Beef Puffs $4.29 and Dynamo Dog Treats- $6.95

It won't let me rotate these. Or I just cant figure out how I did it before! Sorry! 

I am so excited about these treats! Our treat stash was getting low since I didn't get another pawalla box after my two month code sub (from a coupon code) so i was STOKED about these! We have tried to Dynamic Dog treats before, and since Medic is a lap the Hip and Joint treats are really important for us to give to her! She also loves the other flavor we had of these so I am excited! The beef puffs are very different from anything else we have given her, and I think she will love them. However since she got the bully stick once I opened the box I think I need to wait until later to give her some of these! 

Monster Mouth- $10 and Woofables $3?

Ok so the monster mouth is SO Cool. It opens up on the side, (Yeah i realize now I took a shitty picture sorry!) but it opens on the side, and you can like stuff it, Its also REALLY solid, which is great. Medic is a chewer and is in the process of getting new teeth so any new cloth toys they could have sent would have been destroyed in a minute. This reminds me of the KONG brand we have for her, as far as how solid and good quality it is. I LOVE it, its my favorite item in the box for her, because Its going to be awesome! I also valued it at $10 but the website doesnt sell them, so that was through third party (and a google search!) so I really think it would retain for more than $10.

These treats from Woofables look like a sample, or goodie bag size. However I went to the website and its AWESOME! They have SUCH good treats and things to buy for your pet, and they seem to have such awesome deals on these homemade treats! I suggest checking out the website here!

Bully Stick- $6.28 ish

She wouldn't give this up once I gave it to her. She actually at one point had it positioned under her, so that none of it was sticking out ( Of course, because I needed a picture!) but she loves anything she can chew on! I went online to their website and was surprised that like 25 of these costs like well over $125 so these are good quality items, I don't know if I would spend that much for one bone, but again I am new to owning a dog who can chew through things like WOAH, and despite the damage she did to this, it wasn't gone in 5 minutes like many treats we buy that are supposed to "last and last" seem to be. She liked it!

Ok so my overall opinion is this box was great! Since I only paid $9.99 for the box it was a fantastic deal! The total value is about $34 worth of great brand name dog toys and treats shipped! I don't know if I would pay $29.99 for this, because its not SUCH a fantastic value and I do enjoy the pet store. However I think I may keep it for a little while to see what they do next month!

*My puppy! Yes it is an unusual name, my father passed away this year and was a Paramedic for 30+ years, so I named her for him...even though she was a girl dog!