Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts!

- I didn't post anything this week, or use instagram like AT ALL because my mom was here!

-This is ok because I went to the Zoo, Toured Charleston, Went to the Beach, Saw the Great Gatsby, and spend quality time with my mom

-I am working on a Little Black Bag Review, Julep, and a "random One Off" box reviews. The random one off box will include Julep, Popsugar Must Have, Birchbox, and Glossybox!

-I am getting a new camera in order to take better pictures! So excited about this

-I am SO EXCITED for the glossybox next month. It is going to be amazing, have you seen the spoilers? 6 (not one by Six) purfume samples is ok with me! A nailpolish, and lipstick? I cannot wait for this and am excited! Also I didn't know that July will be 1 year for popsugar, so I am going to make sure I stick around for that box even though I said I was cancelling after

-I am a BZZAgent, and was selected for THREE campaigns! A Dr Scholls one, which I got today with coupons (If anyone wants a $4 off coupon for Dr Scholls let me know!! Send an email to And I am wearing them right now, and lets be honest I was not expecting much but its 6pm and my feet feel good! I also got selected for a Kroger Chicken, and Frozen Mean Campaign! SO excited about this! I love trying new things, ESP when they are FREE! And I love coupons. Its a problem!

That's my Thursday Thoughts!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things I am excited about....

This is going to be the FIRST of many Things I am Excited About.... Hopefully I can get it together and do it weekly!

1. TREATSIE- Oh man, I saw this on kick starter and wanted in so BADLY! Chocolates? Delivered to me? Yes please and it will be first subscription I am with from the Official Launch (I am NOT a kick starter backer, I think i JUST missed this, but the first box open to the public comes out this month and I AM SET to get one! Look for a review SOON!) Sign up for the wait list here or check them out on facebook here
My ONLY concern is living in the hot humid south may ruin this for me, and I will have to cancel and resub in the winter/cooler months. My mailman likes to leave my mail in the not air conditioned hot mail room all day...  :-(

2. My mom vising me this week! I haven't seen my mom in a few months because she lives in NJ, and I am in South Carolina now. SO I am excited that she is visiting for the long weekend, and we can spend some time at the beach.

3. BZZScore- I signed up for this ages ago, took some surveys and forgot about it. I resigned in, submitted All surveys and actually am eligible to participate in a Dr Scholls BzzCampaign! That means I GET FREE STUFF AND COUPONS..and can share!!!! More information to come!

4. Hitting a MILLION Dollars at work. I do fundraising with college kids, and it is SUPER exciting when we hit big milestones. So for the first time we surpassed 1 Million Dollars. That's a lot of money, and it will do a LOT of good for many people. :-)

5. This blog, I am excited to have somewhere to vent, discuss, and share my crazy new habit. (which i promptly cleaned away so my mother cannot see the INSANE amount of boxes I get... he he)

6. Getting a vanity, shelving unit for my nail polish collection (I am growing this collection slowly) and getting rid of the NASTY dresser we have in our bedroom! Yay for new stuff!

7. The Summer!- The summer means the beach, flip flops, the smell of sunscreen, corn on the cob, and leinenkeugel's summer shandy which is THE. BEST. BEER. EVER...and I don't really like beer. :-)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Thoughts on Pop Sugar....a three month review!

So Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription service brought to us by the website popsugar. They deal with celebrities and celebrity news. The popsugar must have box is supposed to have the best products, the most cutting edge, and be full of celebrity favorites etc. It normally comes with full size products, in varying categories each month!
I got popsugar after reading reviews about it, but it was a BIG Step for me because it was a bit more expensive than most subscriptions. At $35 i waited for a coupon, and I ordered a 3 month sub, AND then later on I also ordered the summer fun luxury box which was $100! This was a big commitment for me to not know what I was getting so here is the review and my thoughts.

I signed up in Feb and did not receive that box, it was disappointing but my first box came in March!

March PopSugar Box

Photo Credit Popsugar Website

So within the March Box we received

Corkatoo Corkscrew- ($12?) This item has been used multiple times since i received it. Its cute, maybe I would have gifted it (since i LOVE My corkscrew) if mine had not been missing when I got it, So it came at the PERFECT time, and is a cute addition to my bar ware! I never would have bought this myself so awesome! 
Sweater Saver ($5)- I have not used this yet, although I think come sweater season next year i will definitely use it! It was already rather warm in South Carolina come March and my sweaters are away! I did hear rumors that it falls apart a bit and gets black things everywhere, but I also heard its great. But its been two months and I have not used it...soo meh is how I feel
Heather Belle Octagon Tassel Necklace- ($72) I put this necklace on, then take it off. I am not big on gold jewelry but I LOVE the idea of wearing long jewelry and forcing myself out of my comfort zone. I haven't left the house in it yet, but I found a few outfits I liked and tried it on ;-) 
Wool and Cashmere Shampoo ($19)- this came in a few varieties, including denium and delicates...both of which i could have used more often, but I will come fall whip out my sweaters use my sweater saver and then my nice shampoo and have some very nice brand new looking winter wear! 
Buxom Mascara ($19)- I started using this mascara immediately. It was not the original but has a curved odd shaped brush. I dont love it, don';t hate it, and am still currently using this. (its getting a bit clumpy but I do use it a LOT and its probably about time to throw it out, so it was useful) 
Peeps- ($1) Yum! Ever tried them frozen? My dad liked them that way, so thats how I ate them. 
The New Black Nail Polish Duo ($10)- As i write this I am realizing i got great colors, the cream/whiteish color and the blue and they are sitting in my nail polish drawer unused because of all the julep mystery boxes that i have gotten! I will use these to do my toes tommorow! 
Hollywood Secrets Tape Sample Pack (Sample $2?)- I have a wedding or two to attend this summer so I will be testing this tape out! 

All in all not a bad box, it was a great value for the $35 paid for the box! The retail (my amounts are close to cost maybe not exact) is over $130!

The next box I received was the April box! 

Photo Credit Popsugar Website

Oh PopSugar you made a lot of people mad with this box.. a WHOLE lot of people. 

What was inside? 

Quinona Chocolate Bar ($2-$3)- Delicious, an adult friendly slightly more dark chocolaty crunch bar (i think its healthier too?) I love it. Slap some chocolate in a box and I will be a happy camper. 
Kai Rollerball  Perfume ($48) this is EXPENSIVE perfume that has some cult like loves. It unfortunately does not smell as great on me as it apparently does on the rest of the world. But hey my perfume collection is every growing. ;-) 
Tatcha Blotting Papers for night ($15)- apparently similar papers went out in previous months. Not to me, so whatever! I am still waiting for the VERY hot summer to hit South Carolina so I can use these at work, and they will get used. 
Shashi Nugget Bracelet ($28) - This is such a cute bracelet. People got different colors. I got blue and its great! I was worried it wouldn't fit over my fat knuckle but i got it off, It has since broken kind of ( Since its adjustable the knot that holds it together on one side broke, but I probably shouldn't have showed with it, and I think wearing it daily isn't a good idea either, so If i get a few months worth of use out of it, it is just string) 
Green Garmento Bag ($10)- This was the item that made people ANGRY... urm guys this is the COOLEST THING EVER. It may be more "practical" than i would ever expect from this box but COME ON! How useful is this? It turns from a duffel, to a hamper, to a bag to carry clothes to and from the dry cleaners, Its just neat and again not something i would buy. 

This box did seem empty compared to last months. I mean from  8 items to 5? Thats a lot, even if two of the items last month were $1 peeps and a few buck sample of fashion tape. I don't think I minded missing a few dollar items, but wouldn't have complained if we had gotten two or three of those delicious chocolate bars ;-) 

Overall another great value. Do I love everything Heck no, but really should I expect too? The box was $35 and the retail value of everything was a little over $100. The bracelet  (which i am wearing now!) and chocolate make this box worth it to me! And I will use the perfume just because I am hoping SOMEONE tells me it smells good on me... Otherwise I am like the only person in the universe with bad chemistry with this stuff! ( Can you tell I wanted it to smell awesome on sad. Its because my Guess Gold perfume is no longer made and that was the only thing people would like randomly stop and tell me how great I smelled... i miss that!!!) 

The next box was the recently received May box!

Ok so i need to work on better pictures when I take them myself....Check! 

This box includes

Pacifica Lip Tint ($7) - Thanks to Ipsy i LOVE pacifica. Honestly even if it smelled awful and pacifica just slapped a logo on it, I would be happy with it in a box because I am in love with this brand now and would want to smell it and have it. But really these lip tints are great  because they give you enough color, without being like BAM RED LIPSTICK, its nice, and smells GREAT.
Beauty Blender and Cleaner ($22) - THIS IS SO COOL! Oh my goodness....i understand all of the hype now! Its just a neat idea, and it WORKS... In love. 
Floppy Hat ($27)- Ok I just don't see this getting used. My boyfriend laughed at me when I told him a SPOILER that this was coming... Its just not my thing so who knows. 
Mini Kaling Book/Card Set ( $14)- I started reading them and they are sort of funny? not really sure what to do with them? a "coffee" table book! 
Modern Margarita Set ($9)- You cannot go wrong with delicious mixed drinks. Enough said! ;-) 
Charm and Chain Gift Card ($30) - This will be fun to use as long as everything $30 and under does not go out of stock once they realize thats what the popsugar people are buying. I won't spend money to use a coupon (not a LOT anyway) 
Way Better Snacks ($1) - This is a boyfriend treat, He was meh about it. I need to make sure I catch him in the right mood to try my random "box" food as he calls it. 

This is another GREAT VALUE box. Again it cost me $35 (a bit less from a coupon) and is worth a little more than $110 retail! Thats awesome! And the pacifica, and beauty blender more than make up for the cost of the box ALONE!

My FINAL Thoughts! 

Popsugar is a great box to gift to someone who has everything, a mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law or friend. Its inexpensive, and packed full of items! Honestly I think I am going to send popsugar boxes to friends at Christmas because it is just so simple. Its wrapped so nicely, looks great and expensive, and is a fun treat! (Yes I do know Christmas is like MONTHS away, I have a bin in which i start couponing and saving up for Christmas all year long. Its already half full!! ) '

Want to subscribe to popsugar  Must Have Box click here! 

All in all popsugar has been fun, but it may be getting cut from my budget. I am not one to follow stars, and I am REALLY/ interested in buying a house so some of the pricier subs need to go. If I can keep finding coupon codes, and gift items that I do not use, it MAY be keep able. Currently i am set to get June's box thanks to a 50% off coupon code from last week! 

For me popsugar is SO much fun, but I think its going to have to be a treat item, and not a monthly thing. Or maybe I just need to read spoilers to make sure I need the items. Its all AWESOME... but maybe not all useful today. 

*Post does contain referral links, in which i may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Thursday Thoughts...

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom  for Thursday Thoughts again!

-I am excited that I remember to do this ON THURSDAY this week. :-)

-My boxes have been amazing this month, but i am SHOCKED that I haven't seen glossybox spoilers, I may just try to be spoiler free. but where is the fun in that? I went spoiler free in my fancy food box, and it was AMAZING! I loved everything and cannot wait to use it all. I just couldn't get over how excited I was that I got it FIRST!

-My goal is to use all my own pictures in my reviews from now on. I was doing reviews from the first two months  I got subs before I started instagraming them in my excitement  so I had NO PICTURES and some of the stuff got used up or gifted, etc. So now I am going to use all my own pictures which is exciting!

-Last night I stepped on my shower drain in the shower (Its complicated by it was like a 3/4 inch metal piece into my foot. Do I need a tetnus shot? Shouldn't my shower not be rusted? Ugh, I didn't go because of work, but now I am wondering if I should go....

- I bought my mother a ticket to come visit me next week! We are going to hit up the beach, and maybe spend time in Tennessee too. I have a four day weekend, AND I may take a few days off too, that way I can spend time with her and she is not just taking care of my puppy for me.

-I love Thursdays, because I have Fri and Sat off so I am SO EXCITED to relax this weekend. (and clean for my moms visit ) AND get a massage.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Follow me! ;-)

Enjoying reading about some of these sub boxes? Feel free to follow me on instagram at crazyaboutsubs! I post photos as i receive my boxes, and sometimes my adorable puppy even gets in the shots :-), you ca also follow me on my newly created twitter for coupons, deals, etc!  Twitter name? Crazyaboutsubs!

Gifting a Glossybox if you are already a member! Sometimes as low as $9.25

Need bridesmaid gifts? Presents for a sister, sister-in-law, or coworker? Like to have a last minute stash of hostess gifts that are wrapped, beautiful and full of goodies for a low price? If you are already a member of glossybox you have this right at your finger-tips. Just stock up early, as we all know these tend to come later than planned! 

Gifting a Glossybox

Excuse my paint skills :-) 

 When you subscribe you can currently gift a one time box for $15, AND if you use ebates you get $2.75 back, and use that WITH a coupon for 20% Off (which is the highest I have seen a coupon and a coupon comes around once a month) you can gift one of these bad boys to a friend or family member for $15-$3(20% coupon) -$2.75 (ebates) a grand total of $9.25. This is a STEAL, and  what a cheap way to show someone the love! 

Glossyboxes already look like a present, its packaged well, etc. (I may check for damanged goods when it arrives, just in case some body wash spills, or a blush cracks, and this way you do not give damaged goods as a present! 

 My suggestion if the spoilers make the box look great? Think it would be a good gift LATER ON? Order them and gift them to yourself, once they arrive you can store them until you need a gift! 

Ebates is a GREAT site if you are not already a member and do a lot of online shopping they pay you to shop through their website! 

*Post does contain referral links, in which i may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

My Thoughts on Glossybox...a four month review

Oh Glossybox. You and I have a love hate relationship. I love you, I hate you, I hate that I love you...and sometimes I love to hate you.

Glossybox is a subscription that for $21 a month will send you 5 deluxe or full size items. Wrapped carefully in a gorgeous  reusable (to me at least!) box. It is a GREAT box, with fantastic items from great brands inside...if it every gets to your door. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I subscribed to glossybox after birchbox and ipsy... but during a GREAT month for Glossybox. January 2013, the Man Repeller Box. I saw all the ads, spoilers even, and had no idea what i was getting into!

January 2013- The Man Repeller Box

This box was AMAZING. Great start. Honestly January for Sub boxes (EXCEPT BIRCHBOX) Created a monster, because of how amazing they were! 
What I got: 
Opi Liquid Sand- ($9) full size nail polish?! It was gritty and grainy and NOTHING I would have every bought..and I love it. So much! I wear it often! Its great for leaving on long term because you can do a quick touch up and just paint over any issues because of the formula no one will ever know! 
Le Meiter Beaute- This $20 FOIL packet of cream that is more than $200 full size. Is sitting unused STILL. Why? Because shit for $20 I am going to use that when my face is on fire, or melting off, or something else goes wrong. What If i LOVE IT?! What if its WORTH that price tag? I'd have to buy it! I will use it soon I swear I Will (Mostly because I now have two more, and more expensive face cream...please be patient I will explain below!) 
Estee lauder Mascara ($7-$10) - This was cool, but honestly I have no idea where it went. I think i used it, and liked it. but it must have ended up in the bottom of a purse. SO it was not SO amazing that I went looking for it (I have too much mascara its a problem) 
Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum ($5)- What does this do? No idea still..... ugh I need to use some of the smaller samples I have received! 
Narsisco Rodriques  Perfume ($1? Sample sized) - Smells good, but would not purchase full size! 
Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($4)- My hair gets very greasy very fast, so i try not to use much product and then sometimes I think i miss the effects of it, but with this. I either used too much or.... it just does not work with my hair because it looked GREASY by the end of day 1. I have NOT gone back to retry this bad boy because of it. (The other option in this box was Sebastian potion 9 which I have since traded for and it is AH-MA-ZING!) 
Vincent Longo Lipstain ($23 FULL SIZE)- This was a lipstick. I am sorry to whoever branded it but its Lip Stick. Its wonderful though. This lipstick makes me believe that a sporty girl who never wore lip products can change (and CHANGE I HAVE!) because I had no interest in this...then i put it on. Man the difference in a $23 lipstick compared to a $5 Revlon is amazing. I had NO idea what I was missing. It was a bold red, and i am in LOVE! 

This $21 box, had two full size products, one that was worth more than the box inside! And a $20 packet of lotion?!?  The total value was around $70!) It was an amazing deal... only one problem was shipping. It was delayed but hey.. no big deal to this girl who had not (yet) become a part of the obsessed when is my box arriving, because i looked at spoilers and want it now crowd. (Oops?) 

February 2013-

Glossybox set themselves up for failure with that AWESOME man repeller box. And if it could have gone from an A++ to an F any quicker...they would have sent poop. Seriously I am just kidding, but in comparison it was a VERY different box. I was SO impressed with this box, and was trying to SHARE my new obsession and made the mistake of sending my baby sister a Feb Glossybox. Dude she was NOT impressed and I can't blame her! 
What was inside?

Snail Mask- Yeah we are calling it the snail mask. Thats what it was, and you know what? i used it, and I am NOT ashamed. It made my face feel good i suppose. It was not anything CRAZY awesome, but it was fun to do! 
Lisi lipgloss or eyeliner ($7)- these were FULL Size...and the cheapest nastiest lipgloss i ever used. like worse than the 50 cent drugstore kind you buy a 7 year old when  she wants in mommys make up. Ugh. I took this box to work with me, opened it as I drove (i was SO excited) and tried the lipgloss before i walked into my office. What. A . Mistake.
Da Vinci Shimmer Powder ($15)- This was a really pretty color and I never used it. I actually have gotten a few shimmer powders/eyeshadows that need to be used!!! But it was pretty and will look great once I use it! 
Evologie Blemish Serum and Stay Clear Cream ($3)- These are so cute! But they also have not yet been used, I actually am breaking out now! (from another product I used on my face) and will be trying this ASAP! 
Nail rock ($7 Full Size)- Yeah these would have been super cool! If they did not come in a design that looked like a child's Halloween stickers. I was sad because I wanted to try the whole nail wrap/sticker thing, but got ones that I could not wear to work (Esp since we had our yearly dress code conference call the week before about dressing professionally etc) They got traded to someone else
and I saved the BEST FOR LAST 
People HATED this product, like smelled it when the box arrived and threw it out IMMEDIATELY... knowing this makes me very sad. 
Bvlgari Soap ($7 THIS IS A SAMPLE The full size is $30!!!)- This soap is my favorite thing ever. I have since used one, and traded for FOUR more (they are damn expensive full size) At first I was not a fan of the scent, it did overtake the box which was underwhelming when I opened it. SOAP? Really? But I tried it, because we were out of soap AND body wash and I figured for $30 full size its gotta be amazing! and it IS! It is very moisturizing, I am picky about body wash and soap my skin is sensitive! It also leaves the fragrance lightly on your skin all day, in a not overpowering way but it REALLY lasts. I think that impresses me the most, the staying power of the scent on my skin. I honestly LOVE this stuff, I was so sad to use it up and SO excited to get more of it. Honestly I may pay full price for this soap in the future because i enjoy it that much! 

March 2013-

What was inside? 
Prestiche Soap ($17 Full Size)  This is a very unique smelling soap, and a $40 voucher to use to purchase something on the website! there are some discrepancies as to whether this is the full size listed on the packaging, or if it is only half that size. 
Model Co Lip and Cheek Tint- ($24  full size!)- This was VERY Exciting to me! After trying to benetint and becoming obsessed I was thrilled to get to try this too! (I was also on a mad hunt for Benetint and that stuff is EXPENSIVE So I was hoping this would be great too!) This has GREAT color, and scent and I do use it, however its a bit annoying and difficult to apply which makes it a pain to use. 
Elite Paris Matte Brown Eyeliner ($14 Full Size!)- I am not good with wet eyeliner like this, and every time I use it I look like someone whose hands cannot be still. However the color is gorgeous!  
Koh Gen Do Emolient Cream: ($20-$30 for the SAMPLE size) I don't know what it is with glossybox and EXPENSIVE lotion and face creams, but keep them coming! A full size one time? This stuff was great, and it was a decent size sample considering the cost! 
Sebastian Hair Spray ($2)- I do not use hair spray often, but when I do? I need a whole can for the hair do part, and a can to take with me to keep my thin hair up! So this WILL be used i just haven't had the need for it yet! 

March was a good month, and a terrible Month all rolled into one! So Glossybox ships at the end of the month, which is not relevant unless they also ship late and your box arrives during the NEXT month. It happens for a lot of people often with glossybox, so as a new customer I was like ok fine, i get it at the VERY end of the month. I was excited about the March and bought an extra box, and imagine my surprise when my box says delivered on the 23rd! (WOW SO EARLY) SO i check my mailbox and its not there, or at the office. So I wait for about a week, and Still NO box! By this time my normal box arrives, with normal shipping info etc. Then I email glossybox about NOT getting the gift! They are like oh its coming, our tracking was wrong

April 2013- 

I got my April box about five days after my march box (NOT KIDDING) and this is what was inside! 

The Honest Co Lip Balm- ($3)- this is lip balm, it works well, and is on my bedside table being used at night! I got the  plain scent, but an Orange one went out and I am SUPER jealous. It costs $10 for a three pack at the HonestCO website
Bvlgari Bath Tea Bag ($9) - I LOOOVED the  soap in Feb's box so I was SUPER Excited for this and am Hoarding it for a three day weekend or REALLY bad day. I am going to try and trade for more of these! 
TIGI Blush ($20) - I am not big on blush, but everyone else was so excited! I am gifting this to my mom for mothers day because she does wear blush (and i JUST got one, and do not need so many right now!) and when i swatched it it was super nice! 
Wash with Joe ($1.5) - I was excited for this too! I LOVE coffee, its an addiction so this seemed super cool! However after using it a few times, it has an odd consistency and I am just not sure. I actually washed with it and inhaled as much as possible to pretend i was drinking some coffee...then followed up with my previously mentioned favorite soap. :-) 
LeMeiter DeBeaut ($20) - this lotion AGAIN! I now have three overpriced packets, which honestly is pretty good, and am going to get ready to do a full scale test! 
Alterna BohoWaves ( $5) - My hair is getting REALLY long, which makes me excited about this. I also am working on styling my hair a bit more than normal (The usual is a bun for work, or a ponytail for the rest of the time, or messy bun) So i have tried this a few times, and it doesn't leave residue in my hair, and gives me some waves (it really just kinda works to like crunch my hair when its damp) 
All in all this was another great box! $21 for a box is a lot, but a fill size lip balm, blush, and bath tea bag wold have made this a perfect gift. (notes on  why this is a GREAT gift down below!) I love trying new things and being excited for them (and AM SO EXCITED FOR THE BATH TEA BAG...did you know they made those? I didn't but its a GREAT idea!) 

Final Review: 
Glossybox is great if you have $21 to spend every month and do not care when it arrives.. I don't so I got it for 20% off, and bought a year subscription bringing my cost down to about $14.66 per box. For that price this is TOTALLY worth it to me, plus if a great box comes along I can purchase extras for gifts (or for myself if i LOVE something worth more than $10 inside). However if i ONLY got glossybox and was waiting all month for it, i would probably get really mad about the shipping, OR if I bought it to send to someone else it may be a bit embarrassing. However This is a good introduction to more expensive makeup, maybe for someone just out of  college in a professional field trying to make sure they look good everyday (insert my photo here, lol) If you are not willing to trying crazy things (the snail mask? coffee body wash) maybe this sub is not for you. 

Gifting a Glossybox

Excuse my paint skills :-) 

 Also when you subscribe you can currently gift a one time box for $15, AND if you use ebates you get $2.75 back, and use that WITH a coupon for 20% Off (which is the highest I have seen a coupon) you can gift one of these bad boys to a friend or family member for $15-$3(20% coupon) -$2.75 (ebates) a grand total of $9.25 which has been my go to gift lately!

 My suggestion if the spoilers make the box look great? Think it would be a good gift LATER ON? Order them a gift them to yourself, once they arrive you can store them until you need a gift! 

Ebates is a GREAT site if you are not already a member and do a lot of online shopping they pay you to shop through their website! 

*Post does contain referral links, in which i may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today is thursday so I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- Thank goodness its Thursday, My popsugar summer box arrived today, MAN I wish my apartments office was open past 5pm. Working until 10pm is NOT good for getting packages

-I have a trainee at work and I LOVE IT, having people come visit me, since my company is so remote is SO NICE. Love being able to have someone around during the day instead of just college kids!

-I am EXCITED and nervous. Me and the boyfriend have started talking about buying a house and all those big kid steps related to that. I am 25 which is old enough for these things (some of my friends are married with houses and babies on the way!) but it does NOT feel like it. I know it wont happen for probably a year, but its nice to know that its possible. I just want to be able to paint my walls NOT OFF White. Why can't any apartment complexes have style?

-My mom told me that my family will be reciving an award for my father, which makes me happy and sad that I won't be able to go home for the dinner/awards. (See trainee above)

- I am going to write about some of my other subscription boxes over the next two days. My goal is to write about Love With Food (3 months) Popsugar (2 months, and an extra box) and little black bag! (3 bags).

-PEOPLE READ THIS! I am SO EXCITED AND CONFUSED! haha, i looked and had like 14 views yesterday of the Ipsy post. Which is like..nothing i am sure in the blog world. but 14 people sounds like a lot to me! I get excited when one more person follows me on instagram! ( crazyaboutsubs if you want to follow! I always post pictures of sub boxes when i get them!)

I know its no longer thursday..but who cares! ;-)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My thoughts on.... Ipsy, a Four Month review!

I joined ipsy after they changed from Myglam? I think that is what It was called. Anyway Ipsy was something I found after googling birchbox and reviews and I found all these bloggers who had both birchbox AND ipsy so I actually ordered myself Ipsy in January and it arrived before my first birchbox.
Ipsy costs the same as birchbox it is $10/month and gets mailed to you monthly. However ipsy has no referral or points program to speak of! (this does play into value later on)  this has changed as of May 2013 every two referrals gets you a free item in your next bag! (Only one free item per month)

My first month of Ipsy was January:
This bag was GREAT! What an introduction into sub boxes, I paid $10 for the following
A bag: (No value for now)
Big Sexy Hair Hairspray $6 Travel Size
Nailtini Nailpolish FULL SIZE $13
Josie Maran Argon Oil  (I think it was the travel size $14 one but may have been smaller)
A Crease Brush by Soho $8.99
Pacifica Blood Orange Hand Cream: $7

Total: $48

So all totaled I received two full size products, a great size hand cream, argan oil, and hairspray and a neat bag. Now I LOVED this bag, why? Because it was the first one I got, the items are all mostly usable, AND things I never tried or heard of before! Plus it was a GREAT VALUE.

My Second Month of Ipsy was the February Bag:
This bag included:

Pop Masara $12
Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer $14
Lash Cards $2-$3
Coastal Scents Quad (I did receive the yellow/gold set above) $4
Mica Beauty Black Gel Eyeliner $5-$10

Total: $37

This bag again was a GREAT value and I loved it. Why? Because I never would have purchased the eyeshadow quad in this color, but since I paid for it I used it and you know what? I LOVE two of the colors and use them on a regular basis now, It forced me to branch out which is what subscription boxes are all about! I also love the pixi product and would have NEVER splurged on the $29 product (I am CHEAP, this is something we should probably discuss, If I like these a lot, I will splurge but I am not testing things on my sensitive skin for $30 bucks).  The gel eyeliner has gone unused because I lack and brush and it scares be, and the mascara is still waiting to be used since I had a TON of mascara ( I got some on clearance at VS for $1 a pop) so it will get used eventually and is useful!

Another great bag! Value of at least$37, Worth $10 to me? Of course!

My Third Month of Ipsy was the March Bag:
Ok so this bag threw me for a loop. It seemed odd... and useless? And empty compared to the last few. What I got? 

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: $3
LA Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes: $2
Glam RX Mini Freestyle Palatte $7
Yaby Eyeshadow Single/Refill $3 each or $6

Total: $18

Another bag worth well over the $10 I spent on it. But would I use the items? I actually loved the pallette and was something i had NEVER heard of, or thought about but is now a great idea especially for someone who has multiple beauty subscriptions getting sample sized items that need a home so they do not get broken. Yes its cardboard, yes its sorta cheap and I could make it myself. Will I actually make it? Not when they sent me one. Its getting used as we speak to hold items from Birchbox, and Ipsy and Trades. Would I have chosen the design? No but its a gamble when you order and it introduced me to something NEW. (I also went and found an old Mark Pallette from my Avon Days and realized i could use that for items too!)

Now the mist I still don't understand. It didn't make my face feel great, or anything but maybe when my office is 100 degrees in the summer I will stash it in the fridge at work (shhh don't tell) and we will have another story. Stay tuned for the next update on Ipsy and I will share my thoughts on past items as well!)

The wipes, awesome. Again before all of these beauty subs I wore makeup maybe twice a week, now I have an excuse (new stuff!) to wear it daily and I feel guilty not wearing it because of all the money being spent to get fun new stuff! So having these on hand for me is great! I work an irregular work week, and am at the office until 10pm most nights, so being able to come home, wipe my face and jump in bed is great! I may not always buy LA Fresh (again I am CHEAP so whatever is on sale/the best deal at target ends up at my house until I find my HG makeup wipe..if that exists)

My Fourth Month of Ipsy was the April Bag:

Ok so this bag was a complete fail for me, because... I kinda sorta hate pink and everything is STILL in the package, HOWEVER. I will try it given time and need, I am scared of blush... because how do I know I wont look dumb or stupid etc. but again I will try these items, the pink eye shadow will probably look good under other eye shadows or to highlight, etc. And the pink nail polish means one day when I have a LOT of free time and patience I can give myself a french mani!

What was included:

Be a Bombshell Blush $16
Two Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo $6.99
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play $2.10
Station Nailpolish: $3-$6
The Bag

Total: $28

All in all Over the past four months, and $40 ($10 per month) I received 18 new products to try (2 of which is really 6 different eye shadow colors) totaling more than $131 which to me is a great deal. That comes out to $2.22 to try each new product, shipped to my house AND four makeup bags. (I do see that once subscribed for awhile the bags may become less useful because you would have SO many but for at least the first four months I am loving getting the bag, and considering it an extra)

Ipsy has introduced me to a few things that I really enjoy, I love the coastal scents, pacifica lotion, and Pixi primer. A lot of the other items are also great and useful to me but just of the three things I LOVED to buy them full price and full size would be:

Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer $29
Pacifica Lotion Full Size $15
Coastal Scents $1.99 each * four= $7.96

Total: $51.96

All in all I would have paid more to try these items without knowing if they were something I enjoyed, and probably never would have tried any of them. I think just getting these samples, and then getting to try another 15 samples, and finding out they are not something I absolutely need to repurchase makes this 100% worth it for me.

If you want to sign up for ipsy go here!

*Post does contain referral links, in which i may receive referral credit. I am not affiliated with the company in any way*

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I am linking up with Ramblings Of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts....

-I LOVE Thursdays. No really, this link up is amazing for me. Thursday is my Friday because I work Sun-Thurs so I am just so glad it is the weekend. I want to sleep, and relax, and MAYBE go to the beach?!

-I am really excited about blogging about all of the stuff that i get, but SO AFRAID to share it with my friends and family in NJ. They will think i am NUTS for all of the stuff I am now getting in the mail... They also may be surprised and want in, but It is gonna take some time before I share this everywhere with people i know. Sigh

- We got a puppy and today she slept until 10am! THATS AMAZING, like woah amazing. Normally she has been up at the butt crack of dawn waking us up.

- I'm still a little meh because yesterday would have been my parents 32nd wedding anniversary, but my Dad passed away in January. Part of me really wishes I could have been home with my siblings and mom for that, but another part of me knows it would have been irresponsible to leave work since I have missed so much already this year. I will go home for his birthday in August though. No matter how nuts work is.

- I am going to use the spray tan I got in my Allure Summer Beauty Box tomorrow (so i have two days to scrub that shit off if I turn orange) and I am REALLY excited, I never used a spray tanner before. My mom has a few times when I was growing up but I never did because I always was outside playing sports. Man i miss that, because being an adult locked up all day behind a desk  (this is not true I work with college kids and really don't sit behind my desk half the time) but it still leaves little room for sun and tans!

- I am SO GLAD Joe bought the subscription to HIMYM Season 8, but I am not patient enough to wait a week (Or two wtf was up with that!?) for an episode. Netflix has ruined me for normal TV watching. Also 22 minutes is not a long enough fix. Why is this show not an hour long?! Ugh! I love it, everyone should watch it!