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My Thoughts on Pop Sugar....a three month review!

So Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription service brought to us by the website popsugar. They deal with celebrities and celebrity news. The popsugar must have box is supposed to have the best products, the most cutting edge, and be full of celebrity favorites etc. It normally comes with full size products, in varying categories each month!
I got popsugar after reading reviews about it, but it was a BIG Step for me because it was a bit more expensive than most subscriptions. At $35 i waited for a coupon, and I ordered a 3 month sub, AND then later on I also ordered the summer fun luxury box which was $100! This was a big commitment for me to not know what I was getting so here is the review and my thoughts.

I signed up in Feb and did not receive that box, it was disappointing but my first box came in March!

March PopSugar Box

Photo Credit Popsugar Website

So within the March Box we received

Corkatoo Corkscrew- ($12?) This item has been used multiple times since i received it. Its cute, maybe I would have gifted it (since i LOVE My corkscrew) if mine had not been missing when I got it, So it came at the PERFECT time, and is a cute addition to my bar ware! I never would have bought this myself so awesome! 
Sweater Saver ($5)- I have not used this yet, although I think come sweater season next year i will definitely use it! It was already rather warm in South Carolina come March and my sweaters are away! I did hear rumors that it falls apart a bit and gets black things everywhere, but I also heard its great. But its been two months and I have not used it...soo meh is how I feel
Heather Belle Octagon Tassel Necklace- ($72) I put this necklace on, then take it off. I am not big on gold jewelry but I LOVE the idea of wearing long jewelry and forcing myself out of my comfort zone. I haven't left the house in it yet, but I found a few outfits I liked and tried it on ;-) 
Wool and Cashmere Shampoo ($19)- this came in a few varieties, including denium and delicates...both of which i could have used more often, but I will come fall whip out my sweaters use my sweater saver and then my nice shampoo and have some very nice brand new looking winter wear! 
Buxom Mascara ($19)- I started using this mascara immediately. It was not the original but has a curved odd shaped brush. I dont love it, don';t hate it, and am still currently using this. (its getting a bit clumpy but I do use it a LOT and its probably about time to throw it out, so it was useful) 
Peeps- ($1) Yum! Ever tried them frozen? My dad liked them that way, so thats how I ate them. 
The New Black Nail Polish Duo ($10)- As i write this I am realizing i got great colors, the cream/whiteish color and the blue and they are sitting in my nail polish drawer unused because of all the julep mystery boxes that i have gotten! I will use these to do my toes tommorow! 
Hollywood Secrets Tape Sample Pack (Sample $2?)- I have a wedding or two to attend this summer so I will be testing this tape out! 

All in all not a bad box, it was a great value for the $35 paid for the box! The retail (my amounts are close to cost maybe not exact) is over $130!

The next box I received was the April box! 

Photo Credit Popsugar Website

Oh PopSugar you made a lot of people mad with this box.. a WHOLE lot of people. 

What was inside? 

Quinona Chocolate Bar ($2-$3)- Delicious, an adult friendly slightly more dark chocolaty crunch bar (i think its healthier too?) I love it. Slap some chocolate in a box and I will be a happy camper. 
Kai Rollerball  Perfume ($48) this is EXPENSIVE perfume that has some cult like loves. It unfortunately does not smell as great on me as it apparently does on the rest of the world. But hey my perfume collection is every growing. ;-) 
Tatcha Blotting Papers for night ($15)- apparently similar papers went out in previous months. Not to me, so whatever! I am still waiting for the VERY hot summer to hit South Carolina so I can use these at work, and they will get used. 
Shashi Nugget Bracelet ($28) - This is such a cute bracelet. People got different colors. I got blue and its great! I was worried it wouldn't fit over my fat knuckle but i got it off, It has since broken kind of ( Since its adjustable the knot that holds it together on one side broke, but I probably shouldn't have showed with it, and I think wearing it daily isn't a good idea either, so If i get a few months worth of use out of it, it is just string) 
Green Garmento Bag ($10)- This was the item that made people ANGRY... urm guys this is the COOLEST THING EVER. It may be more "practical" than i would ever expect from this box but COME ON! How useful is this? It turns from a duffel, to a hamper, to a bag to carry clothes to and from the dry cleaners, Its just neat and again not something i would buy. 

This box did seem empty compared to last months. I mean from  8 items to 5? Thats a lot, even if two of the items last month were $1 peeps and a few buck sample of fashion tape. I don't think I minded missing a few dollar items, but wouldn't have complained if we had gotten two or three of those delicious chocolate bars ;-) 

Overall another great value. Do I love everything Heck no, but really should I expect too? The box was $35 and the retail value of everything was a little over $100. The bracelet  (which i am wearing now!) and chocolate make this box worth it to me! And I will use the perfume just because I am hoping SOMEONE tells me it smells good on me... Otherwise I am like the only person in the universe with bad chemistry with this stuff! ( Can you tell I wanted it to smell awesome on sad. Its because my Guess Gold perfume is no longer made and that was the only thing people would like randomly stop and tell me how great I smelled... i miss that!!!) 

The next box was the recently received May box!

Ok so i need to work on better pictures when I take them myself....Check! 

This box includes

Pacifica Lip Tint ($7) - Thanks to Ipsy i LOVE pacifica. Honestly even if it smelled awful and pacifica just slapped a logo on it, I would be happy with it in a box because I am in love with this brand now and would want to smell it and have it. But really these lip tints are great  because they give you enough color, without being like BAM RED LIPSTICK, its nice, and smells GREAT.
Beauty Blender and Cleaner ($22) - THIS IS SO COOL! Oh my goodness....i understand all of the hype now! Its just a neat idea, and it WORKS... In love. 
Floppy Hat ($27)- Ok I just don't see this getting used. My boyfriend laughed at me when I told him a SPOILER that this was coming... Its just not my thing so who knows. 
Mini Kaling Book/Card Set ( $14)- I started reading them and they are sort of funny? not really sure what to do with them? a "coffee" table book! 
Modern Margarita Set ($9)- You cannot go wrong with delicious mixed drinks. Enough said! ;-) 
Charm and Chain Gift Card ($30) - This will be fun to use as long as everything $30 and under does not go out of stock once they realize thats what the popsugar people are buying. I won't spend money to use a coupon (not a LOT anyway) 
Way Better Snacks ($1) - This is a boyfriend treat, He was meh about it. I need to make sure I catch him in the right mood to try my random "box" food as he calls it. 

This is another GREAT VALUE box. Again it cost me $35 (a bit less from a coupon) and is worth a little more than $110 retail! Thats awesome! And the pacifica, and beauty blender more than make up for the cost of the box ALONE!

My FINAL Thoughts! 

Popsugar is a great box to gift to someone who has everything, a mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law or friend. Its inexpensive, and packed full of items! Honestly I think I am going to send popsugar boxes to friends at Christmas because it is just so simple. Its wrapped so nicely, looks great and expensive, and is a fun treat! (Yes I do know Christmas is like MONTHS away, I have a bin in which i start couponing and saving up for Christmas all year long. Its already half full!! ) '

Want to subscribe to popsugar  Must Have Box click here! 

All in all popsugar has been fun, but it may be getting cut from my budget. I am not one to follow stars, and I am REALLY/ interested in buying a house so some of the pricier subs need to go. If I can keep finding coupon codes, and gift items that I do not use, it MAY be keep able. Currently i am set to get June's box thanks to a 50% off coupon code from last week! 

For me popsugar is SO much fun, but I think its going to have to be a treat item, and not a monthly thing. Or maybe I just need to read spoilers to make sure I need the items. Its all AWESOME... but maybe not all useful today. 

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