Monday, May 13, 2013

Gifting a Glossybox if you are already a member! Sometimes as low as $9.25

Need bridesmaid gifts? Presents for a sister, sister-in-law, or coworker? Like to have a last minute stash of hostess gifts that are wrapped, beautiful and full of goodies for a low price? If you are already a member of glossybox you have this right at your finger-tips. Just stock up early, as we all know these tend to come later than planned! 

Gifting a Glossybox

Excuse my paint skills :-) 

 When you subscribe you can currently gift a one time box for $15, AND if you use ebates you get $2.75 back, and use that WITH a coupon for 20% Off (which is the highest I have seen a coupon and a coupon comes around once a month) you can gift one of these bad boys to a friend or family member for $15-$3(20% coupon) -$2.75 (ebates) a grand total of $9.25. This is a STEAL, and  what a cheap way to show someone the love! 

Glossyboxes already look like a present, its packaged well, etc. (I may check for damanged goods when it arrives, just in case some body wash spills, or a blush cracks, and this way you do not give damaged goods as a present! 

 My suggestion if the spoilers make the box look great? Think it would be a good gift LATER ON? Order them and gift them to yourself, once they arrive you can store them until you need a gift! 

Ebates is a GREAT site if you are not already a member and do a lot of online shopping they pay you to shop through their website! 

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