Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today is thursday so I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- Thank goodness its Thursday, My popsugar summer box arrived today, MAN I wish my apartments office was open past 5pm. Working until 10pm is NOT good for getting packages

-I have a trainee at work and I LOVE IT, having people come visit me, since my company is so remote is SO NICE. Love being able to have someone around during the day instead of just college kids!

-I am EXCITED and nervous. Me and the boyfriend have started talking about buying a house and all those big kid steps related to that. I am 25 which is old enough for these things (some of my friends are married with houses and babies on the way!) but it does NOT feel like it. I know it wont happen for probably a year, but its nice to know that its possible. I just want to be able to paint my walls NOT OFF White. Why can't any apartment complexes have style?

-My mom told me that my family will be reciving an award for my father, which makes me happy and sad that I won't be able to go home for the dinner/awards. (See trainee above)

- I am going to write about some of my other subscription boxes over the next two days. My goal is to write about Love With Food (3 months) Popsugar (2 months, and an extra box) and little black bag! (3 bags).

-PEOPLE READ THIS! I am SO EXCITED AND CONFUSED! haha, i looked and had like 14 views yesterday of the Ipsy post. Which is like..nothing i am sure in the blog world. but 14 people sounds like a lot to me! I get excited when one more person follows me on instagram! ( crazyaboutsubs if you want to follow! I always post pictures of sub boxes when i get them!)

I know its no longer thursday..but who cares! ;-)


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