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My thoughts on.... Ipsy, a Four Month review!

I joined ipsy after they changed from Myglam? I think that is what It was called. Anyway Ipsy was something I found after googling birchbox and reviews and I found all these bloggers who had both birchbox AND ipsy so I actually ordered myself Ipsy in January and it arrived before my first birchbox.
Ipsy costs the same as birchbox it is $10/month and gets mailed to you monthly. However ipsy has no referral or points program to speak of! (this does play into value later on)  this has changed as of May 2013 every two referrals gets you a free item in your next bag! (Only one free item per month)

My first month of Ipsy was January:
This bag was GREAT! What an introduction into sub boxes, I paid $10 for the following
A bag: (No value for now)
Big Sexy Hair Hairspray $6 Travel Size
Nailtini Nailpolish FULL SIZE $13
Josie Maran Argon Oil  (I think it was the travel size $14 one but may have been smaller)
A Crease Brush by Soho $8.99
Pacifica Blood Orange Hand Cream: $7

Total: $48

So all totaled I received two full size products, a great size hand cream, argan oil, and hairspray and a neat bag. Now I LOVED this bag, why? Because it was the first one I got, the items are all mostly usable, AND things I never tried or heard of before! Plus it was a GREAT VALUE.

My Second Month of Ipsy was the February Bag:
This bag included:

Pop Masara $12
Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer $14
Lash Cards $2-$3
Coastal Scents Quad (I did receive the yellow/gold set above) $4
Mica Beauty Black Gel Eyeliner $5-$10

Total: $37

This bag again was a GREAT value and I loved it. Why? Because I never would have purchased the eyeshadow quad in this color, but since I paid for it I used it and you know what? I LOVE two of the colors and use them on a regular basis now, It forced me to branch out which is what subscription boxes are all about! I also love the pixi product and would have NEVER splurged on the $29 product (I am CHEAP, this is something we should probably discuss, If I like these a lot, I will splurge but I am not testing things on my sensitive skin for $30 bucks).  The gel eyeliner has gone unused because I lack and brush and it scares be, and the mascara is still waiting to be used since I had a TON of mascara ( I got some on clearance at VS for $1 a pop) so it will get used eventually and is useful!

Another great bag! Value of at least$37, Worth $10 to me? Of course!

My Third Month of Ipsy was the March Bag:
Ok so this bag threw me for a loop. It seemed odd... and useless? And empty compared to the last few. What I got? 

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: $3
LA Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes: $2
Glam RX Mini Freestyle Palatte $7
Yaby Eyeshadow Single/Refill $3 each or $6

Total: $18

Another bag worth well over the $10 I spent on it. But would I use the items? I actually loved the pallette and was something i had NEVER heard of, or thought about but is now a great idea especially for someone who has multiple beauty subscriptions getting sample sized items that need a home so they do not get broken. Yes its cardboard, yes its sorta cheap and I could make it myself. Will I actually make it? Not when they sent me one. Its getting used as we speak to hold items from Birchbox, and Ipsy and Trades. Would I have chosen the design? No but its a gamble when you order and it introduced me to something NEW. (I also went and found an old Mark Pallette from my Avon Days and realized i could use that for items too!)

Now the mist I still don't understand. It didn't make my face feel great, or anything but maybe when my office is 100 degrees in the summer I will stash it in the fridge at work (shhh don't tell) and we will have another story. Stay tuned for the next update on Ipsy and I will share my thoughts on past items as well!)

The wipes, awesome. Again before all of these beauty subs I wore makeup maybe twice a week, now I have an excuse (new stuff!) to wear it daily and I feel guilty not wearing it because of all the money being spent to get fun new stuff! So having these on hand for me is great! I work an irregular work week, and am at the office until 10pm most nights, so being able to come home, wipe my face and jump in bed is great! I may not always buy LA Fresh (again I am CHEAP so whatever is on sale/the best deal at target ends up at my house until I find my HG makeup wipe..if that exists)

My Fourth Month of Ipsy was the April Bag:

Ok so this bag was a complete fail for me, because... I kinda sorta hate pink and everything is STILL in the package, HOWEVER. I will try it given time and need, I am scared of blush... because how do I know I wont look dumb or stupid etc. but again I will try these items, the pink eye shadow will probably look good under other eye shadows or to highlight, etc. And the pink nail polish means one day when I have a LOT of free time and patience I can give myself a french mani!

What was included:

Be a Bombshell Blush $16
Two Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo $6.99
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play $2.10
Station Nailpolish: $3-$6
The Bag

Total: $28

All in all Over the past four months, and $40 ($10 per month) I received 18 new products to try (2 of which is really 6 different eye shadow colors) totaling more than $131 which to me is a great deal. That comes out to $2.22 to try each new product, shipped to my house AND four makeup bags. (I do see that once subscribed for awhile the bags may become less useful because you would have SO many but for at least the first four months I am loving getting the bag, and considering it an extra)

Ipsy has introduced me to a few things that I really enjoy, I love the coastal scents, pacifica lotion, and Pixi primer. A lot of the other items are also great and useful to me but just of the three things I LOVED to buy them full price and full size would be:

Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer $29
Pacifica Lotion Full Size $15
Coastal Scents $1.99 each * four= $7.96

Total: $51.96

All in all I would have paid more to try these items without knowing if they were something I enjoyed, and probably never would have tried any of them. I think just getting these samples, and then getting to try another 15 samples, and finding out they are not something I absolutely need to repurchase makes this 100% worth it for me.

If you want to sign up for ipsy go here!

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