Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things I am excited about....

This is going to be the FIRST of many Things I am Excited About.... Hopefully I can get it together and do it weekly!

1. TREATSIE- Oh man, I saw this on kick starter and wanted in so BADLY! Chocolates? Delivered to me? Yes please and it will be first subscription I am with from the Official Launch (I am NOT a kick starter backer, I think i JUST missed this, but the first box open to the public comes out this month and I AM SET to get one! Look for a review SOON!) Sign up for the wait list here or check them out on facebook here
My ONLY concern is living in the hot humid south may ruin this for me, and I will have to cancel and resub in the winter/cooler months. My mailman likes to leave my mail in the not air conditioned hot mail room all day...  :-(

2. My mom vising me this week! I haven't seen my mom in a few months because she lives in NJ, and I am in South Carolina now. SO I am excited that she is visiting for the long weekend, and we can spend some time at the beach.

3. BZZScore- I signed up for this ages ago, took some surveys and forgot about it. I resigned in, submitted All surveys and actually am eligible to participate in a Dr Scholls BzzCampaign! That means I GET FREE STUFF AND COUPONS..and can share!!!! More information to come!

4. Hitting a MILLION Dollars at work. I do fundraising with college kids, and it is SUPER exciting when we hit big milestones. So for the first time we surpassed 1 Million Dollars. That's a lot of money, and it will do a LOT of good for many people. :-)

5. This blog, I am excited to have somewhere to vent, discuss, and share my crazy new habit. (which i promptly cleaned away so my mother cannot see the INSANE amount of boxes I get... he he)

6. Getting a vanity, shelving unit for my nail polish collection (I am growing this collection slowly) and getting rid of the NASTY dresser we have in our bedroom! Yay for new stuff!

7. The Summer!- The summer means the beach, flip flops, the smell of sunscreen, corn on the cob, and leinenkeugel's summer shandy which is THE. BEST. BEER. EVER...and I don't really like beer. :-)


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