Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom  for Thursday Thoughts again!

-I am excited that I remember to do this ON THURSDAY this week. :-)

-My boxes have been amazing this month, but i am SHOCKED that I haven't seen glossybox spoilers, I may just try to be spoiler free. but where is the fun in that? I went spoiler free in my fancy food box, and it was AMAZING! I loved everything and cannot wait to use it all. I just couldn't get over how excited I was that I got it FIRST!

-My goal is to use all my own pictures in my reviews from now on. I was doing reviews from the first two months  I got subs before I started instagraming them in my excitement  so I had NO PICTURES and some of the stuff got used up or gifted, etc. So now I am going to use all my own pictures which is exciting!

-Last night I stepped on my shower drain in the shower (Its complicated by it was like a 3/4 inch metal piece into my foot. Do I need a tetnus shot? Shouldn't my shower not be rusted? Ugh, I didn't go because of work, but now I am wondering if I should go....

- I bought my mother a ticket to come visit me next week! We are going to hit up the beach, and maybe spend time in Tennessee too. I have a four day weekend, AND I may take a few days off too, that way I can spend time with her and she is not just taking care of my puppy for me.

-I love Thursdays, because I have Fri and Sat off so I am SO EXCITED to relax this weekend. (and clean for my moms visit ) AND get a massage.

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