Thursday, May 2, 2013

I am linking up with Ramblings Of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts....

-I LOVE Thursdays. No really, this link up is amazing for me. Thursday is my Friday because I work Sun-Thurs so I am just so glad it is the weekend. I want to sleep, and relax, and MAYBE go to the beach?!

-I am really excited about blogging about all of the stuff that i get, but SO AFRAID to share it with my friends and family in NJ. They will think i am NUTS for all of the stuff I am now getting in the mail... They also may be surprised and want in, but It is gonna take some time before I share this everywhere with people i know. Sigh

- We got a puppy and today she slept until 10am! THATS AMAZING, like woah amazing. Normally she has been up at the butt crack of dawn waking us up.

- I'm still a little meh because yesterday would have been my parents 32nd wedding anniversary, but my Dad passed away in January. Part of me really wishes I could have been home with my siblings and mom for that, but another part of me knows it would have been irresponsible to leave work since I have missed so much already this year. I will go home for his birthday in August though. No matter how nuts work is.

- I am going to use the spray tan I got in my Allure Summer Beauty Box tomorrow (so i have two days to scrub that shit off if I turn orange) and I am REALLY excited, I never used a spray tanner before. My mom has a few times when I was growing up but I never did because I always was outside playing sports. Man i miss that, because being an adult locked up all day behind a desk  (this is not true I work with college kids and really don't sit behind my desk half the time) but it still leaves little room for sun and tans!

- I am SO GLAD Joe bought the subscription to HIMYM Season 8, but I am not patient enough to wait a week (Or two wtf was up with that!?) for an episode. Netflix has ruined me for normal TV watching. Also 22 minutes is not a long enough fix. Why is this show not an hour long?! Ugh! I love it, everyone should watch it!

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