Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More June 2013 Ipsy Spoilers!

More IPSY Spoilers have been posted! Lets Recap! 

Spoiler #1 (From email)

This one is pretty self explanatory! A full size NYX blush! 

Spoiler #2

The thought is that this is a starlooks lip liner or something similar

Spoiler #3

The thought is that this is a beauty sparkling cream palette (So i guess a sort of gel eyeliner or body glitter)

Spoiler #4 (Through 5?) Apparently Ipsy is keeping the trend of MORE individuality between bags, which some people like and others do not like. I personally don't care as of now, but can see myself being jealous of some other bags down the road if this keeps up!

This is a TON of stuff. 

Caitlyn Eyeliner (the jar and black thing) A pencil of some kind. A metal tin of some kind. possibly J.Cat False Eyelashes! It says Glue! 

What do you think are in the rest of the spoilers?? Thoughts? Ideas? 

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