Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Yay for Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

1. I am going to post each box review this month. I SWEAR I AM! With my own pictures, even though my pictures SUCK compared to SO many of the other pictures I see when I read other reviews. Why is it, that despite getting the same or similar items, I want to read 12309210382903 (exaggeration :-) ) different peoples opinions about the boxes?  Like, do i really need to read it 10 different places? Anyway I am HOPING Popsugar comes before Saturday, but I am pretty sure I will get everything next week! Whomp

2. Instagram stole my soul, and I look at it all of the time, for everything. Between Instagram, starbucks, couponing at Target, work and taking my puppy out...  my life has no other meaning now

3. I need some cute Bridal Shower stuff. I am mailing off the invites tomorrow, for a bridal shower on July 6th for my best friends wedding, annnnnnnnd I need some other cute game ideas. I have a few that involve some classics
 Recipe Cards and a Recipie Card Holder
Bingo for Gifts
Bridal Trivia about the Groom (this one is super cute and involves balloons and floating pictures, as well as moustaches and tiaras!
but... I need more? 3 hours of fun filled time people! Any ideas? Suggestions? The best game you ever played? Does everyone HATE bingo? What if the prizes are cool? Is it ok then?!

4. This one is HUGE and the MOST EXCITING thing that happened to me all week. 143 people read my spoiler post. 143 people?! Urm, hello 143 people please come back and make me feel special, (WAVES) I love each and every one of you! The engineering student in me loves the numbers and stats blogger gives me, and I stalk that page probably more than I check my email. Its just FUN and I know this makes me sound nuts. I am, I accept it.

5. I am SUPER excited to take my road trip home to NJ in a few weeks. :-) Does anyone else use gasbuddy? Its super useful for long trips!  It told me my trip will cost me $150 in gas round trip. Which is nice to know! Even if its wrong by $50 at least I know!

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