Friday, June 14, 2013

My May Treatsie Review!

Treatsie is a new subscription service, one of the newest on the block. May was the first month boxes went out to regular subscribers, in April a box did go out to people who helped fund the kickstarter! I was SO excited about signing up for Treatsie, I was on the wait-list and when they emailed me saying I could sign up, I did not give it a second thought!

Treatsie costs $15 a month, and ships in the third week. They ship in a white envelope (not pictured) with a bubble mailer inside (also not pictured, sorry I REALLY wanted to rip into this candy, I give many props to all the reviewers who take such nice pictures and do not just dive in) and inside that the cardboard box with the Treatsie logo on it! (Below) is plastic wrapped and sealed with an ice pack to keep it cold.

This is the box it came in! 

So, uh what was inside?! Well actually kind of a mess. It was full of deliciousness listed below, but it was melted, and I mean this is my first summer in the South, and its HOT already, its May and in the high 80's. Not a good time to be sending out chocolates, however Treatsie is AMAZING, and when I posted about my melted box (and planning to eat it anyway because even melted messy chocolate is good) they offered to send me a new one! It arrived the next week, and was packed with an extra ice pack. Treatsie you have won my heart... now just work on predicting the weather so we know if we need one, two, or three ice packs ;-) 

The goodies!

Loblolly Creamery’s Honey Vanilla Marshmallow- These were yummy, but got stale quick! I tried not to eat everything in one sitting and probably didn't close the bag after taking this picture. Note to self it is OK not to save this box and just dive in. :-) 

Nutwhats Cashew Coconut Scribbles & Nutwhats Pecan Scribbles- these were amazing. Ah-Mazing, I thought they would be the box favorite. But it gets better. If you like, nuts, chocolate, or anything delicious you will love these. I noticed they are VERY similar, and I loved them both (so did my mom, she was visiting the week this came and I had to share. Ugh I was not happy about the sharing but super excited to see her!)

The Caramel House’s Beer & Pretzel Caramel &The Caramel House’s Vanilla Caramel &The Caramel House’s Naked Turtle Caramel-  Remember when I said that I was impressed that people can get pictures taken? Well I did get three caramels, but only two made it to the picture taking process :-). The vanilla caramel was good, the beer and pretzel caramel was ok, but the Naked turtle caramel? Send me a box full of these treatsie and I will WORK FOR FREE! So good, The Caramel House is going to have a repeat customer for sure! 

I was so happy with the customer service  especially from a new company. On top of that my box arrived WHEN they said it would, and I got fast and professional communication. I Loved my treats, and love the user interface with the website, I did jump right on my computer to look at where everything came from. Treatsie even has a few videos about the different confectioners (Is that the correct word for the company making the candy?) on the website and on their Facebook page! Its a bit more expensive, but chocolates, handmade marshmallows, and caramels are not cheap either, and I think its a steal! Getting things like chocolates shipped is SO EXPENSIVE so for $15 a month, I feel like I can't go wrong! 

I love chocolate, and Treatsie seems like just enough of a treat for myself monthly, I work hard I deserve it! I know they have a wait list so SIGN UP NOW! Its delicious and SO worth it! 

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  1. I didn't realize they have a waitlist now! I ordered mine in May, but know they don't ship until the first Monday after the 15. So, I'm hoping to get mine this week!

  2. I think they had closed the subscriptions for a few weeks, and just had an enter your email now on the website when you went to signup. I saw on the company's Facebook a few days ago it said they were opening up subscriptions again! So that's good! They should ship Monday so I am crossing my fingers for delicious treats Thursday!