Saturday, June 22, 2013

Treatsie June* 2013 Review!

Oh Treatsie. You are my favorite. You arrive on time like you say you will, and are full of delicious treats!

Treatsie is a candy/chocolate subscription service. Every month for $15 you get a box of fresh candies delivered to your door from multiple confectioners from across the country!  Lets get too it!

Treatsie ships out on the third Monday of the month, they always ship on Mondays so you get the freshest candies! Mine arrived on a Friday last month (well Thursday, but i work late, and have to get it from the offices so I get it Friday) They sent me an email on Tuesday saying my box had shipped, and I was BEYOND excited, i checked the mail Tues, Wend, and Thurs hoping it came earlier. It didn't. Sigh....

This month we had items from three different company's, AND they were delicious! Here is the whole box!


Southern Pecan Toffee- This is from Lambrecht Gourmet and it is delicious. You can see in the pictures below that it is thick, and full of nuts. It really was delicious. I considered saving some of this for when I go home next week and visit my family because my mother would LOVE it... but i can always order more ;-) Its sweet but not too sweet like some toffee hurts your teeth sweet? its not like that. But it has nuts in it, so its completely delicious and crunchy b/c its toffee and because of the nuts? Its just good. Try it if you ever get the chance!

I took this picture because i was impressed with the packaging. You can't see it well here, but when I first saw this I was like? Woah its not sealed? better eat it now, but when I took off the ribbon it was sealed down here to make it look fancy on top. I loved it. So I took a picture. Now i am thinking it may have been because I was so tired. 

Askinosie Assorted Dark Chocolates: I was SO EXCITED to be getting chocolate in my uhm chocolate box? Haha I was also SO nervous when I saw a spoiler like two days ago that It would be melted everywhere. It was NOT! I was stoked! Good job packing these up Treatsie! I also did not realize, until I scarfed one of these down that they were different. Luckily for me, I ate one of the duplicates first! :-) 

 The silver packaging is the outer envelope that the entire box comes in, with an ice pack snugly in place. The paper outer box is wrapped so the wet condensation cannot get in. It really is a GREAT presentation and packaging! Oh and this chocolate? It is DARK chocolate this one is 70% coco and delicious!
This image is a bit small, but the back of the chocolates says the % they are. I think i got two %70, one %72 and one %77. They are also chocolates from different countries! Which is super cool! (The coco is from different countries) So I am super excited to eat the rest of these! I think i am going to eat them with some red wine! ;-) 

Liddabit Sweets- These guys gave us three things! A Barley Tea and Honey Lollipop, Fig and Ricotta Caramel (I was skeptical) and Dark Chocolate Caramels.
 Three caramels per bag, which was awesome. I can share when I get more than one.. (Or eat them all myself) I was SO skeptical about the fig and ricotta, but it was good! I cannot describe why, and I guess I didn't really think about the whole fig is fruit and therefore it was a fruity thing, but it was good! Try it! The dark chocolate ones were also good, although surprisingly I liked the fig and ricotta better! I LOVE dark chocolate anything too! Just goes to show you that sometimes you have to try something new! 

I am not going to lie. I haven't eaten the lollipop. I need to have time to enjoy this If I am going to eat it, and well with a puppy around she just won't leave me alone the whole time its in my mouth.  Maybe later today when i go run errands If i remember to bring it with me!

I was SO excited about treatsie arriving yesterday, and it did NOT disappoint! I AM excited about a whole month of chocolates though treatsie....hint hint... Because while the caramels are delicious..i prefer the chocolate! Treatsie is a really great deal when you take into account shipping costs of items such as these. Its delicious, and its a treat! I honestly havent bought myself any chocolate (I normally do) because I know It will come in this box. Waiting another month for this is going to be torture now..... :-) 

Want to sign up for Treatsie click HERE

Want items from the delicious candy makers? 

**Wrong Month. Changed the Title. Oops) 


  1. Those look so good!

  2. I didn't know the chocolates were different flavors either when I got mine! Haha! I ate them all and then was like... woops...