Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bespoke Post Selection Time! -Great Fathers Day gift if you are still looking!

Bespoke post is a a Box of Awesome. Really it is. It is a box geared towards men, but has cool stuff women can enjoy too! Every month on the first they open a Selection Window and show you the boxes, you can choose a current (New box) or an old box (If they have them available) OR you can skip and wait for something more awesome next month! I bought a deal for these a few months ago and have skipped since they offered the Weekender II but I WAS SO EXCITED to see Seared for the next option this month! The boxes normally cost $45 each, and you can pay monthly, or buy a gift that lasts for three or six months! (this could last a lot longer if they skip once in awhile) I will post this box, and my last box once this arrives and do a multi-month review!

The options this month (New Options) are both great! However my boyfriend looked through past boxes and was so excited about the salt block, that when I saw it was featured again I KNEW he would want in! (I let him choose the box and if he wants to skip or get one, unless I see something that I NEED to have, like that weekender bag ;-)


This box is GREAT, but he wont be into the sun glasses, or the bracelet and I already have WAY to many glasses,AND Seared looks too good! 


This is the box we are getting, a huge salt block worth $34.95 off the website so this alone shipped pays for the cost of the box to me (I got three months for $75) and it comes with two specialty sugars, and the nice Turner. 

All in all i CANNOT wait for this box, and wanted to share it with you guys in case you wanted in on this deal too! The total value of BOTH Boxes is well over the $45 (Those sunglasses are worth like $75 bucks alone) so it is a GREAT Fathers Day Gift if you still need one! I would have totally sent this to my Dad because he loved watching cooking shows and I remember once we went searching pottery stores for a big pot for him to cook in the oven because he saw Alton Brown do it once (Oh man tv does dumb things to us at times) so maybe it is perfect for your Dad too?!

Want to check it out OR Sign up? Click HERE  

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