Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ebates! = FREE Money for Shopping ONLINE and get $5 when you sign up!

I am CHEAP. Like super cheap, and I LOVE a good deal. Who Doesn't? I use coupons, I clear shelves sometimes, I follow coupon blogs ( and bargainstobounty are my FAV's) and  I also love Subscription Boxes, and follow those blogs too! (Mysubscriptionaddiction, and Ramblings of a Suburban Mom are my FAVS for that!) but Ebates is one thing I started using because I shop online a lot, and read about it on a blog  (I think bargainstobounty) and was skeptical at first, but then I got a check in the mail for like $10, and was like...well shit. I would have bought all that stuff anyway but that is SWEET.

So what Is Ebates?
Ebates gives you cash back for making purchases online through the website, or ebates bar. How does that work? You shop through ebates, then they mail you a check!

Go to
Find the website you want to browse
Get redirected to company website
Buy things
Get a check in the mail FROM Ebates for a % of what you bought (Anywhere from 1% to as much as 15% sometimes!!!)

1. Sign up. Its stupid not to, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE! IT drives me crazy every time I buy something and forget to use the link (like when i shop at work, come on you do it too!) or my boyfriend does, UGH. So sign up. Right now if you sign up using my link you get $5 added to your account as long as you make $25 in qualifying purchases in the first few months! Which should NOT be hard!

2. Download the ebates bar for your web browser. I normally do not do things like this (It drives my computer fixing boyfriend NUTS for one) but this one DOES not mess with my stuff, it just appears when I am browsing a website that has cash back, and asks me if I want to make it active. This way I do not forget to go to the ebates website, and click through it to get to my favorite stores when i want to shop. Case in point when Victoria Secret sends me the emails telling me I get free stuff and I click straight through from my email, the ebates is ALWAYS working for me!

This is an example of what the ebates bar looks like on Chrome. It really is just the little Yellow/Green E on the right, and the Big green Bar pops up that says ebates when I am on a site that I can get cashback on! like  GLOSSYBOX!!!!

3.A lot of GREAT stores let you use ebates, some of my favorites? Target, Victoria Secret, and Glossybox. Another REALLY awesome thing with ebates is that they have deals during special times on their website, so you can wait for a good rebate to order something you really like. For example sometimes victoria secret cash back jumps up to 4% instead of the normal 2%.

4. you can use the money for anything. This isn't points, its not a get a free coaster, or free Gift Card or free tshirt with our logo on it. they Mail. You. A. Check. You deposit said check, its CASH Money! Which I love!

5. Questions? leave a comment below or email me at and I will answer ANY questions you have about ebates. For someone like me who does a lot of Xmas shopping online, AND comparison shopping for the BEST deal online? Ebates makes a good deal even better at a LOT of major retailers! Sign up and get $5 on me!

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  1. I love love love ebates! Recently just got my check for $28!

  2. Ebates is AMAZING! I get so annoyed when I forget to use it. SO annoyed.