Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts... Happy 4th of July!

Hey Everyone! I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts again!

1. Happy 4th! I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day with family and friends! I am home with my imediate family, some neighboors, and an aunt uncle and grandmother today!

2. Its SO crazy being away from home and not getting ANY mail for 11 days. 11 DAYS! I am going nuts knowing I have boxes waiting for me!

3. I am a bit bummed about my Julep Warehouse sale order! It came in and my Oprah white box was broken, AND I was missing a ton of pomegranate scrubs! Julep refunded me the money on a gift card for the items because they have none left but I was so excited about using them as gifts! Oh well they gave me more than it cost me so I am waiting for a good sale for that gift card!

4. I am SO excited for Ipsy this month! I love benefits benetint (SPOILER ALERT) and its included along with some other GREAT items!

5. I am throwing my friends shower on Sat and driving home (from NJ to SC) on Sunday with work at 9am on Monday. This was a bad plan, why do I wait for things, and plan them so tight. I REALLY need a long weekend to relax after this trip so I am glad i get Fri-Sat-Sun next week!

6. Its so good to be home with my crazy family, even if I want to choke my lil brother, and murder my baby sister sometimes. I also am aware my grandma is a but nuts, and my mother is crazy too ( I also am turning into my mother) I love them and am glad to be home. I miss my bed, my boyfriend, my puppy, and kitty though!

7. I want to try a new box, and am debating between Yuzen, The new Elf Box, and something else. Whats another good one? I have glossy, popsugar, birchbox, ipsy, lovewithfood, goodies, bulu, consious, and have tried a few others. Another few on my radar are beautybox5, or starlooks maybe? Who has a favorite not on my list!

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  1. Have you tried graze box? and use my code PZ1C7LJ and I think it'll give you a free first box. I review them on my blog. It's $5/box however often you want to get it - and it's 4 homemade creative healthy snacks.
    and I'm turning into my mom too... it's scary!