Friday, September 6, 2013

September Spoilers! Ipsy!

Oh Ipsy! You threw us for quite a loop this month! Below are the spoiler pics from the facebook page!

Spoiler #1 NYX Eyeshadow
The eyeshadow is coming in a TON of shades! 

Spoiler #2- Mascara! (again!)
The mascara is thought to be Its so Big Mascara.

Spoiler #3- You get THREE of this huge list of products!
This image has at least 12 and possibly more than 14 items! This will be a toss up of what you get. Some of the items thought to be here are Caitlyn Lip gloss, Repeats of Chella Pencil, and Pop Crayon, a felt Eyeliner, possible brown pencil, some John Freida Shampoo and Conditioner, and some Masks from Freeman!

Spoiler #4- THE BAG
The bag has a great Demask print on it! 

Want all this delivered to you for $10 a MONTH! Sign up Here! 

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