Thursday, September 5, 2013

The BEST of August!

I am going to countdown my top ten August things that I LOVED

1. I don't know if this counts for August but from Bzzagent i got the new Kashi Hummus Crisps and holy shit they are delicious. I do like hummus, and wasn't really sure what to expect. They are made from chick-peas but not hummus flavored if that makes sense. They are olive oil and sea salt flavored and YUM! Try them!
2. Violet Oasis Hand Lotion- This is a duplicate favorite i think. I got this in a birchbox awhile ago, and LOVED it enough to buy it...well use all my BB points i hoarded for MONTHS because it costs $35 for this ONE lotion. i got the full size and I just LOVE IT! It smells great and is fantastic.
3. Lorac Eye Shadow- Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag- This was busted when i got my bag from Hautelook....but even as a loose shadow it is amazing. I love bright blue and teal shades so this is perfect for me!

4. Laura Gellar Baked Blush- Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag- I have NEVER loved a blush, but this one is AMAZING. Its just so pretty on me, and its not to bright, I can use it (from someone who uses NO blush ever, this is important) and i was not expecting to like, or love it! So its a WIN! Get this!

5. Fruitables from Barkbox- I like that these are tiny and wetish. My dog is BIG but still a puppy and having smaller strongly scented treats are so good for her!

6. Cappuccino Crunch Truffle bar from Seattle's Chocolates- Treatsie. Oh Man, Foodgasm. If you like coffee, and chocolate this is the most delicious candy bar I have gotten from a box (this honor was previously held by the chocolate pretzel bar from a fancy box) but this was SO MUCH BETTER. I seriously go to buy more like ever other day. If anyone wants to send me birthday gifts in November these schoolmate bars would be wonderful! ;-)  Oh and did i forget to mention it came melted EVERYWHERE and the smell was so amazing i still ate it after trying to harden it again? I only got like half a bar and I'm still in LOVE.

7. Pacifica BB Cream- Ipsy. This stuff works wonders. I had it in my makeup bag from an old box and it coming in my ipsy this month reminded me of how awesome it works with my skin. I hear some people don't have positive things going on with it, It is one shade...which may turn people off. I will try anything and I think it works very well on my skin. it gives me a nice glow! (I can probably only use this in the summer when i am tanner. haha)

8. Whish Deodorant swipe birchbox- Ok so when i got this i was like WTF BIRCHBOX this Sucks! Then i tried it one day when i was all gross (sorry for the TMI) and it smells great, I think it worked well, and honestly its just smart and convenient.  It was a huge win for me!

9. May Designs- Weekly to do's- Popsugar Must Have- I just did a Popsugar Top Ten (with a coupon!) list as well. and i just LOVE this planner. Its cute, fun, and a good idea!

10.  Naturebox Apple Slices- Popsugar Must Have- These were also in the popsugar box this month and were yummy. So yummy!

Those were the BEST of August, and honestly I am not that impressed. Normally I go to make this list and think WOW and THIS and THIS and THAT! All great! however this month it was bit more of a struggle. COME ON SEPTEMBER! I hope you rock! ;-)

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