Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday thoughts!

-Its been awhile since I have done this link up! Life has been so crazy..and I missed recapping exciting, and crazy things every week! I also was so excited that this blog got 3,000 views! I think its all spam bots...bahaha but if even a few people read (they do! I get comments and LOVE seeing them!) then I am happy just expressing myself anyway! Its like an Adult Diary other people get to read.

-I am going to ad coupon deals to my blog also. I LOVE a good deal. And Target. Target clearance is like my favorite thing ever, (if you follow on Instagram you can see my Target Clearance finds mixed in with the boxes i get!) Last week i found the summer fruit eos set of two on clearance for like $9. I was SO excited since they are like $4 each at CVS so...Four of them for 9 bucks is a steal!

- I am cutting back on boxes this month because I am SO ready for some saving, debt paying off, and my boyfriend is going NUTS with all the packages, I haven't been able to use everything anyway! This month I will be getting Ipsy, Popsugar, Birchbox, Glossybox, Goodies, and Treatsie! I also have a few bespoke post boxes pre paid for (I skipped this month only because I am moving and don't want the AWESOME coffee press to break! I also have a Keurig) I also have some credits on Hautelook,  Sephora, and Julep and might be cashing them in so i get more boxes! Haha

-I am going to do a Welcome to the Subscription Boxes Post I think, and rate MY favorite boxes, and chat a little about each one I have tried in one spot. I want to 'reminisce" about all my boxes, why i kept, stopped, or want to try the ones i know about!

-My FAVORITES from August (The Best of August) will be coming soon! I cannot believe it is September my BEST FRIEND GETS MARRIED in two weeks. Its unbelievable that its here, It feels like yesterday she was getting engaged, etc.

-I am doing a box swap, and nail polish swap and am super excited about them. I love getting packages (obviously) and cannot WAIT to my turn!

-The Challenge (MTV Reality Show) is on and OMG I WANT CT AND DIEM BACK TOGETHER ALREADY! UGH!

Happy Thursday!

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