Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Its been way to long!

This past month has been CRAZY! I drove all the way home to NJ for a friends wedding! I was the maid of honor!
I also signed a new lease with the boyfriend, and we are in the process's of moving from one apt to another.
I also have had CRAZY things going on at work!
I also BOUGHT THE DOMAIN crazyaboutsubscriptionboxes.com! SO I will be moving everything to that in the coming weeks.
Its also my baby sisters birthday today! (She is 22 and coming to move in with me this weekend! Which is a BIG deal because she lives in NJ with the rest of our family now, and is moving to South Carolina!!)

So that's life, and the reason for the lack of posts. I AM GETTING BACK ON THE wagon and will be posting more!

Another thing I GOT 100 random followers on Instagram! SO COOL!

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