Monday, June 23, 2014

Stack Birchbox Codes for a TRULY Free birchbox AND $10 to spend in the shop!

Hey All,

 Another good deal to share! You can use Ibotta (Which is an app for your cell phone for cash back) to get a $10 rebate for cash back if you sign up for birchbox! You can also stack the BBJETBLUE code on the birchbox website to get 100 points= $10 to spend in the birchbox shop!

So do this!

Download Ibotta from the google play store, app store, or online!

Once you set up an account go to the Health and Beauty Section!, then click on birchbox!
Choose the $10 rebate for signing up! (their is also a $5 rebate for gifting an account!)
Then do the two tasks. One is Take a poll, and one is learn a fact. Click on each and make sure to click done at the bottom.

(this is the part i struggled with, NOW WHAT) now click on the top where it says list in the right corner, from this you can view each thing and have them email the birchbox link. This is where you go sign up.

Once on the birchbox page at checkout (I only choose a month long subscription so I could only pay $10 now) enter the BBJETBLUE code and make sure it is applied.

Check out! You will instantly get the 100 points for the birchbox shop, and can spend them immediately. The ibotta rebate may take awhile to show up but once it does you can have it transferred to a bank account or paypal!

I love free stuff! Hope this helps!

** This post does contain referral links in which i may get some type of credit but all thoughts and opinions are my own***

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  1. Hey I follow you on Instagram and I was just wondering what all boxes are you subscribed to?