Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to get JULEP nail polish on the CHEAP! Julep Coupon Ideas, Julep Maven Thoughts, etc!

So... Julep nail polish. Its hit or miss, and if you have never heard about it well it can be scary. $14 for a polish? My OPI and ESSIE are way cheaper, and I can buy them at my local target, or TJ Maxx. So why spring for this expensive polish from Seattle?

 My suggestion? You can get a GREAT Deal on this overpriced polish two ways.

1. Sign up to be a Julep Maven, for $19.99 a month you get to choose between 4 boxes of nail polish and beauty products. Usually 3 polishes, or two polishes and a product. So this brings the cost down to just under $7 for a polish that's seasonal and on trend!


  •  You choose the polish colors from a set grouping
  • You can skip and not get one that month if you don't want too
  • You can sometimes ADD on or Upgrade (For a fee) and get all the colors you want
  • You get the nail polish cheaper, delivered to your door free of charge 
  • You can get the first box FREE with code FREEBOX just pay $4 shipping!
  • You can skip as often as you want! 
  •  You are legitimately testing the brand new nail polish. Sometimes it sucks
  • You choose from pre existing groupings of polish, which does NOT guarantee you will love each and every polish in the set. You may want one from one set, another from another, and a third polish from a third set. You cannot get those unless you add them on, or get more than one monthly box. This can be annoying as I always want the teal/blue/green/mint colors, but they always stick me with some bright/weird/unattractive to me colors so I skip often because if i only get 1 polish I like for $19.99 its not a DEAL! 
  • No coupon codes can be used after the initial FREEBOX
  • You are committing, and its anoying if you forget to skip or to cancel you need to call. 

2. GET MYSTERY BOXES- Julep has monthly (I think) mystery boxes. The most recent was a spring box that included a new color. You could choose from three boxes, a complete surprise, a blue speckled nail polish and mystery other items, or a purple mystery speckled polish and mystery other items. These are usually $24.99 although they used to be $19.99, and have occasionally had different sized boxes at different price points. 

  • You get a TON more product than a monthly box. For example I ordered two of those past mystery boxes and got Hand Scrub, Five polishes, A lip Gloss, AND Samples in One Box, and a Nail Mask, Lip gloss, Lip Primer, Four Polishes, and samples in the second box. The VALUE IS AMAZING 
  • You can almost always get stuff from recent boxes, and is a good way to stock up on polishes. This makes them only $4 per product if you get an average of 6 items and pay 25 for the box
  • YOU CAN USE COUPONS! Oh man I love this part. Those two boxes I got? I got one from $17 and one for $15 using a coupon code for 30% off and THEN one for $10 off. It was awesome! That brought my total down to $2.30 per item. The nail polishes retail for $14. The Lip Gloss was $18 but now is $4.99 but still half off from the mystery box. 
  • Its a great way to SEE how you feel about the julep polish, brand, etc. No commitments

  • Repeats, Repeats, Repeats. If you already get the monthly box...its just going to be more of the same. Sorry 
  • NO Choice. Except for maybe ONE color. If you don't want to gamble with your $25 (Or $15-$17 if you use a coupon) on only one color it may not be worth it. Which is FAIR. 
  • Older Outdated colors/products. This is the stuff no one else bought extras of. Sometimes its GREAT STUFF. Like my last two boxes. Other-times the colors suck. However this is why ebay exists (Or gifting to others who will enjoy it) ! ;-) 

I know I missed some pros and cons! Let me know what you think about JULEP! 

This was my take on the Julep Craze! Want to become a maven or just check out the site? Click HERE. I stronly encourage you to check out the SAVY DEALS Section.

**Mystyery Boxes are NO LONGER available but please follow me on instagram CRAZYABOUTSUIBS and I will try to highlight when you can buy them! Also if you sign up to be a Maven this post does contain affiliate links so I will receive Jules (the point system) that I can redeem for free things! However all thoughts and opinions are my own!***

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