Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Funday

And its Sunday again...the day for MOST which signifies the weekend is almost over, get those chores done! For me its the start of my workweek. 

Sub News/Coupons
1. HOLY SMOKES the Spoilers this week were off the chain. 
2. I ordered a SECOND popsugar must have, because for $20 how could I say no to a Too Faced Palette, Fun Soap, Dish Towels, etc! I hope everyone else who wanted this got one while it was CHEAP! 
3. Ipsy is meh this month. I don't know how much longer I want to keep ipsy around. Other things are getting me excited! 
4. I don't have a glossybox this month! My year long sub ended, and I am WAITING for spoilers to decide If I want to keep it. Right now its a Nailpolish which has not sold me yet. 
5. I am expecting a ton of boxes and packages this month. Lets list them popsugar (2) Birchbox (3) Ipsy Treatsie(1) Barkbox, Two orders from Sephora, a pinchME order, Two orders from Bareminerals (I used my free shipping code from Ipsy and the free eye shadow offer they had, with a free lip gloss offer! Great deal for like $4 check out and then use the ipsy code for free shipping) I feel like its more, but who knows! 

1. This week you can get 
2. I am falling in love with Ebay for all the "extra" stuff I have accumulated through boxes and wont/haven't used. I started selling things and even if i lose money because the item is worth more. A I get money that I didn't have and B someone else gets something They want. 
3. I am going to NJ this weekend for my sorority formal! SO EXCITED
4. Starbucks Iced Coffee is FREE AT WALGREENS THIS WEEK! Well its free after rewards, so if you get one for like $1 then you get a $1 off coupon for anything in the store. I will be doing this times like 5000 this week :-) 
5. I figured out a way to cheat the "starbucks star system" and get more rewards. :-) 

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